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Are You Frustrated by Training That Creates Short Term Interest But Not Long Term Change

Free Guide
Are you annoyed by how little line managers support the skills training of their team

Free Guide
Are you struggling to demonstrate the return on investment you get from your training providers


At MBM our team has years of Grocery Industry experience. As a result,  we have been able to create relevant ‘free’ guides. These guides are made especially to help HR Managers, L&D Managers as well as Training Officers. Similarly, Sales Directors, Category Managers & Account Managers will be able to use these whitepapers in their fields of expertise too. Click on the relevant link below to read our guides.

For HR Managers, L&D Managers & Training Officers

For Sales Directors, Category Managers & Account Managers

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Our free assessments have been designed to help you identify how well your business is performing. In addition, these assessments will also highlight the areas that your business needs to improve. Click on one of the below to see how we can help you:

Supermarket Relationship Assessment

Training Effectiveness Review

Training Needs Analysis

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With over 35,000 views and 140 subscribers, the MBM YouTube Channel is well worth checking out. Our YouTube videos are one minute long and as a result, they are succinct and on topic, as well as quick and easy to watch. Additionally, we have also created a handy playlist that brings together ‘the best’ Learning Videos out there. Meaning we have done the hard work of trawling the website for great content for you – so you don’t have too.

Vlog 500 x 1 Minute Personal Development Videos

Best Videos for Learning to Learn

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Ultimate Guides

The MBM Ultimate Guides have been written to deliver understanding and answers that focus on specific topics. Furthermore, the Ultimate Guides, together with the Ultimate Guide Infographics are meant to enrich your learning experience. Please click on the appropriate topic and see how our guides can help you.

Leadership Skills

Influencing Skills



Conflict Resolution Skills

Communication Skills

Coaching Skills

Category Management

Myers Briggs

Negotiation Skills

People Management Skills

Presentation Skills

Team Building Skills

Time Management Skills

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Bonus Resources
Bonus Resources

Time Management
Coaching Cards

Grow Coaching Cards
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Coaching Cards

Our free Coaching Cards are a collection of cards that help support leaders and managers in their 121s or Executive Coaching. They are also equally effective for self-coaching. These decks can be printed out as well as used digitally. Similarly, printed versions of these decks are available on our products page.

Category Management Coaching Cards

GROW Coaching Cards

Leadership Skills Coaching Cards

Mental Health Coaching Cards

Time Management Coaching Cards

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Free Infographics


Our collection of infographics are all created to simplify complex topics. Not only to help learners visualise concepts easier but also to retain more knowledge. Additionally, we also have a growing collection of Ultimate Guide Infographics – a deep dive into various subjects that scours the web for research, best practices, and tips on various topics.

A List of All Infographics

Influencing Infographic 

Leadership Infographic

MBTI Infographic

Negotiation Infographic

Glossary of Key Terms
A-Z list


This section includes a compilation of commonly used words, jargon, as well as industry slang used in a specific domain of knowledge. With this in mind, the glossaries are created with the intent to explain how different topics use a specific vocabulary word. At the same time, it aims to give a richer understanding of soft skill topics, and as a result, encourage better learning experiences.

Category Management Glossary.

Coaching Skills Glossary.

Communication Skills Glossary.

Conflict Resolution Skills Glossary.

GSCOP Glossary.

HBDI Glossary.

Influencing Skills Glossary.

Leadership Skills Glossary.

Myers Briggs Glossary.

Negotiation Skills Glossary.

People Management Skills Glossary.

Presentation Skills Glossary.

Team Building Skills Glossary.

Time Management Skills Glossary.

All the materials mentioned above are free of charge and are meant to help support learners. Whether as supplement material for training or to get started in finding their own training needs. Additionally, this page is continuously updated to reflect the most recent and updated free materials for our readers.

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