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Nice of you to drop by. You’d like to write for us? Great! Here are our blogging criteria:

14 Criteria to Achieve

We have worked hard for over a decade to create a blog that has won awards and is the ‘go-to’ for Self Development. It is humbling the number of requests we receive to ‘write for us’. Thank you for your interest.

  1. Articles are about Self Development/Personal Development and the UK Grocery Industry. Read by HR Managers, Account Managers, L&D Managers, and Category Managers, who largely work in corporate companies. You will need extensive experience in these areas to write for us. And the article must be unique.
  2. Include a minimum of 3 internal links.
  3. Include external links that add real value for the reader – ‘Link with Love’ and have a DA of +70, according to Ahrefs. These will be permanent and follow links.
  4. Achieve a Yoast SEO of ‘Good’.
  5. Achieve a Yoast Readability of ‘Good’. And check that it achieves the ‘Good’ score here.
  6. Include images that are free and have the appropriate credits included.
  7. A minimum of 1,000 words (Under 300 words is considered to be ‘thin’ content. Over 1,000 words is good. If you really want people to find your article, then over 2,450 words is needed).
  8. Uses H1, H2, and H3 appropriately.
  9. All links will be followed and permanent. One external link to your website included, and must not be promotional.
  10. The keyword must be agreed with us first.
  11. Your article must include a minimum of 3 practical actions that the reader can act on immediately and the article must include actionable tips that are not in the mainstream.
  12. Our benchmark for articles is getting higher as we learn more about what our readers want. Please bear this in mind.
  13. You need an image on Gravatar. You can check here, or sign-up, which is free.
  14. Your article must be accompanied by a bio of a maximum of 50 words and the bio can include one permanent and followed link.

A Perfect Submission

This is a great submission because it adhered to all the criteria above: A perfect submission example.

Examples of people that have written/podcasted:

Write a Book Review Instead

Or Share an Expert Tip

Are You Good Enough?

To manage your expectations we reject half of the submissions. The main reasons are:

  1. The writer has not read the criteria above. For example, ‘Please accept my submission’ – which is only 428 words. Rejected. See 7 above.
  2. A topic which is not of interest, e.g. How to market to SME’s.
  3. The writer is just link-building as quickly as they can without a desire to share an article that will help people to be the best version of themselves.

If you are still interested in writing for our award-winning blog because you can achieve the criteria above, then welcome aboard! Please complete the form below:

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