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Do You Want to Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level?

Leadership is challenging, and if you want to be successful at it you need to make sure the questions you’re asking yourself are equally as challenging if not more so. Even now, the existing gap in leadership skills and the lack of impact that many leadership training has is regrettably leaving a huge chasm for future leaders to cross. Unable to learn from equally un-trained peers or seniors they’re left to work things out for themselves and often struggle through.

Leadership doesn’t start outside of ourselves or is given to us by someone else. Leadership comes from when we ask better questions of ourselves decide to Lead, from the inside out. The route in is through these questions. The Leadership Coaching Cards are for any leader wishing to challenge themselves to go to the next level. “I thoroughly enjoyed creating this deck, as these are some the really challenging questions, I ask my clients 12-1- and in training to help them develop their unique Leadership skills and styles.” Nathan Simmonds, Senior Coact at MBM.

Using these Leadership Coaching Cards will enable you to:

  • Challenge yourself as a leader to be a great leader every day.
  • Coach a leader to be the best version of themselves as a leader.
  • Ask yourself the questions that you don’t want to be asked.

Who Are the Leadership Coaching Cards For?

In short, our leadership coaching cards are for two kinds of Leader:

The New Appointee

“Congratulations. You do a fantastic job making things. Here, manage these people also making things. Because if you know how to make things well you obviously know how to lead people making those things. PS You may not get any training to help you do it. Good luck, and make sure you hit target!”

The Forward Striver

“Now is the time to make the next move. I’ve been successful at this, have developed this business and team and it’s now that I nee dot start shifting my thinking to the next big challenge. How do I get really clear on who I am, how I lead and how I can expand that vision?”

What Do You Receive?

76, playing card sized coaching cards (plus other supporting cards). Separated into the 4 stages of the new EVOC Leadership Coaching Model. Each coaching card has a question relevant to that stage.

Screenshot of MBM video on Leadership coaching cards
Our Leadership coaching card video shows you what you get in the deck and how to use the cards.


Amazon five stars review for Leadership Coaching cards from MBM
Very useful cards


Amazon five stars review for Leadership Coaching cards from MBM
For self-development


Leadership Coaching Cards

Here you will find a 3rd of free cards online. The printed deck you buy is 76 cards.

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