Why Choose Us as Your Soft Skills Training Provider

Choose Us as Your Soft Skills Trainer

If you have ever been on an Easyjet flight you’ll have heard the flight attendant say, at the end of the flight, ‘We appreciate that Easyjet is not the only budget airline, so we appreciate your business’. In a similar way, we appreciate that MBM is not the only training provider out there and because of this we have worked hard over the last decade to carve out a space with a difference that we know our clients appreciate. So Why Choose Us?

1. Our Unique Experience: We are From Your Industry

We work with suppliers to the big four UK supermarkets because each member of the MBM team has worked for either a big four UK supermarket or a big four UK supermarket supplier. This means that we understand your industry because it is our industry.

We chose not to target suppliers to the rest of the Grocery Industry because we understand less about those companies, their people & how they operate, and because we wanted to partner with fewer medium and larger suppliers where we could make a big difference to a lot of people in their organisation.

2. Our Unique Approach: Sticky Learning ®

Hopefully, the term ‘Sticky Learning ®‘ has intrigued you, whilst you probably guessed a sense of what it is about. In short, Sticky Learning ® is our own unique blueprint that we have developed to help Learners to Realise more of what they have learnt, are able to Recall more of what they have learnt and Retain more of what they have learnt.

MBMs Sticky Learning ® Logo with purple brain sticker
Sticky learning is MBM’s unique method to make learning stick


This is good for our clients because it drastically increases the return on investment: Money spent with us is better invested than with other training providers because the learning is used for much longer.

3. Our Unique Product: Must Win Meetings

Working with suppliers to the big four UK supermarkets for over a decade we realised that whatever we did to support our clients was never as significant as the decisions that were made by the buyer at the ‘Must Win Meetings’, such as JBP’s, tenders and category lead pitches. We created a unique product that supports a supplier at their time by extending their team to include our team.

Using experts in influencing, negotiating and pitching, we work intensively with your team for a short period of time to ensure that your chances of winning are the very best.

Win Win and a handshake drawing on wooden dice
Your wins are our priority

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