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As a soft skills training provider, we believe in helping you to become the best version of yourself. That’s why we have taken our hundreds of years of experience across our training team and developed these free guides.

Are You Annoyed By How Little Line Managers Support The Skills Training Of Their Teams?

This problem related to Line Manager support is a problem experienced by all HR Managers, Training Officers, and Learning & Development Managers. In fact, a CIPD Learning and Development survey conducted in 2007 concluded that 23% of Line Managers do not take learning and development seriously. We suspect that a further 50% pay some attention, leaving only a quarter of Line Managers who are fully supportive.

This guide includes 12 proven solutions to get Line Managers to support the skills training of their team members. When implemented, any of the 12 proven solutions in this Guide will make a big difference. When combined, they will noticeably improve the way your employees maximise their learning after a training event. The ultimate goal is to achieve behavioural change.

MBM Guide for lack of training skills from line managers

Are you Frustrated by Training that Creates Short Term interest But Not Long Term Change?

If you are like most HR Managers, Training Officers, and Learning & Development Managers, you are probably frustrated that your people attend training courses but do very little with the learning afterwards when it comes to Learning & Development

This guide includes 8 proven solutions to help your employees maximise their learning after a learning event. The solutions largely involve engaging the individual during their learning, because this is when they consciously and subconsciously decide whether they will use the learning afterwards.

When implemented, any of the proven solutions in this Guide will make a big difference. When more than 1 are combined, they will noticeably improve the way your employees maximise their learning after a training event. The ultimate goal is to achieve behavioural change that will deliver a positive business impact.

MBM Guide infographic for training that doesn't create long term change

Are You Struggling To Demonstrate The Return On Investment You Get From Your Training Providers?

If you are like most HR Managers, Training Officers, and Learning & Development Managers, you are probably frustrated training evaluation is nearly never completed, or if it is, is completed poorly when it comes to Learning & Development.

In the 2015 CIPD annual report, L&D professionals were asked, ‘How are the majority of L&D initiatives evaluated?’ The results concluded that over 50% of L&D professionals either did not evaluate the initiatives, or evaluated only by asking the Learners their thoughts.

In this Guide you will find 8 proven solutions to evaluate your training quickly and easily to understand your return on investment (ROI). Implementing any of the 8 proven solutions will provide you with the ROI understanding that you are looking for.

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Testimonials that Support Reading these Free Guides

‘Please read these Guides because making L&D relevant and valuable to the organisation is not difficult when sales and revenue is high and the future looks bright as no one really cares! But as soon as trading becomes difficult and the future looks less positive the accountants start looking at efficiency and reduction in costs. This is a fact of life and the sooner we as L&D people realise and come to terms with it the sooner we can focus on how we make ourselves indispensable to the business in a commercial sense.

Managing a training budget is one of the most challenging things to be accountable for and linking return on investment to expenditure is key. Unless we can do this very clearly we will always be the first budget to reduce no matter how much we or the organisation cry about it as the survival of the company is the most important factor to consider as livelihoods are at stake! This is true even when training is a requirement to do the job companies will cut corners and this can have a negative impact on customer service, productivity and quality. L&D presence at the top table can help but getting closer to the operation and gaining a real understanding of the day-to-day challenges increases the credibility of L&D managers and partners and enables them to have a greater impact on results’.
Michael Anglin, Group Leadership & Management Development Manager, Travis Perkins PLC
‘Year on Year it is harder to justify a training budget, yet no one can deny that training and development are important to ensure you have the right skills for today and the future. But how often have people gone to a training course, said ‘wow that was great – really enjoyed that’ but then never addressed and implemented what they have learned. Some individuals may not even be able to tell you what the course was about once they leave the training room.
Training is a necessary investment but we need to get better at justifying the spend. Gone are the days where the training department only delivers the end product – they need to prove it does what it says on the tin. Following many debates with Senior Managers on the benefits of training and ‘one day out of the office could see at least a 10% increase in productivity afterwards’. This guide is a great tool to get the process started and facilitate that conversation. Training is no different from any other product – surely we need to see it met our customers’ needs? This guide is easy to read, easy to follow and easy to understand. Definitely a recommended read – but also implement!’.
Katy Kinsella-Whyte, Head of HR, MCIPD, AVS Fencing Supplied Limited

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