A Proud Award for having One of the Top 100 Self-Development Blogs

The Market Inspector has featured us in a Top 100 Blogs of 2016. They listed us under the self development blog category.

The Market Inspector is a B2B digital marketplace for businesses and institutions in Europe. In particular, this online platform provides the tools for comparing quotes, services and offers from different quality suppliers online. Also, the Market Inspector prides itself on delivering a quick, efficient, and unique service. And that is on an incredibly wide range of products with tailored offers. The list includes coffee machines, photocopiers, POS and telephone systems, and vehicle tracking products in the UK. This range of products and platform presentation enables businesses to make better and more informed decisions.

Moreover, the service that the Market Place offer is completely free of charge for receiving quotes. It also has no binding obligations.

In October 2016 the Market Inspector compiled a list. And they titled it as “the most inspirational, useful, and brightly written self-improvement blogs of 2016”.  And they also came with “a list of those making a significant impact on their readers’ well-being and professional development”.

They produced a blog listing what in their opinion were the top 100 self-improvement Blogs. Indeed, we are happy to be on this list. Meanwhile, The top 100 blogs are in 5 distinct subcategories;

#1 TOP 20 Blogs for Personal Development
#2 TOP 20 Blogs Entrepreneurship Blogs
#3 TOP 20 Self-Motivation Blogs
#5 TOP 20 Life Hacks BlogsTOP 20 Blogs for Digital Skills

Making Business Matter was in the top 20 Blogs for Personal Development (self development blogs). You can see our entry here.

The Personal Development category included a diverse range of blogs that really focused on the personal development of individuals. These blogs honed in on various topics and included time management, leadership, work-life balance, good habits, and many more.

Our blog stood out for its many development training tips. You can take a look at our blog by following the links in the menu bar at the top or clicking here.

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