What Does GSCOP Stand For?

GSCOP stands for:

Groceries Supply Code Of Practice

What is GSCOP?

The Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) came into force in 2010, with the Groceries Code Adjudicator appointed in 2013. The Code Adjudicator ensures supermarkets adhere to the code. The Adjudicator has the power to fine supermarkets up to 1 % of their sales if the code is not properly adhered to, for Tesco this could be over £500m.

How Does it Affect You?

The Code states that supermarket buyers have to be trained in GSCOP each and every year. Supermarkets also have to appoint a ‘Code Compliance Officer’ which is someone that suppliers can speak to if they have a query or dispute.


GSCOP Products

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