Category Management Coaching Cards

Do You Want to Improve Your Category Management Skills?

Our Category Management Coaching Cards are for everyone that wants to improve their understanding and skills.

We devised the 73% funnel to help Category Managers focus and ‘funnel down’ on what is important. The idea is that by following this Category Management process you will develop greater shopper understanding. This, in turn, will help increase the landing rate of opportunities that reach the store. Our self-coaching cards guide will provide you with questions, challenges and thought provocation to help you become an even better Category Manager.

Using these Category Management Coaching Cards will enable you to:

  • Ask yourself the questions that you don’t want to be asked.
  • Identify which area, from data to store are your weakest.
  • Significantly increase your current landing rate – The number of recommendations you make to retailers that land in store.

Who Are the Category Management Coaching Cards For?

Whether you are a Category Manager, Commercial Manager, Account Manager of Category Analyst, you can challenge yourself, or support your colleagues, by applying our unique 7- Stage Funnel Model as a framework, these cards are an easy and accessible way to increase the landing rate of your opportunities.

What Do You Receive?

65 coaching cards (plus other supporting cards). The size of playing cards. They are separated into the 7 stages of the Funnel model. Additionally, each coaching card has a question relevant to that stage.

Screenshot from MBM category management coaching card video
Our Category Management coaching card video shows you what you get in the deck and how to use the cards.

Category Management Coaching Cards Free Online Tool

Here you will find a 3rd of the deck free. The printed deck you buy is 65 cards.

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