Mental Health Coaching Cards

Mental Health Coaching Cards

With 12.8 million workdays lost and 602,000 Workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018 Leaders having the right questions to support their teams is vital. Support your team’s mental wellbeing with these Coaching Cards, based around the MIND model.

Using these Coaching Cards will enable you to:

  • Support a colleague that is struggling with anxiety.
  • Coach a person on your team to identify why they are feeling bad about themselves.
  • Have a team discussion about mental health by using these cards as a catalyst for conversation.

Who Are These For?

These Mental Health Coaching Cards are for anyone that cares about their people. For leaders that want to support their team in every aspect of their role including their mental wellbeing.

What Do You Receive?

This is a 48-card deck of questions, based on a questioning model ‘MIND’ which I’ve used when working with people in the midst of anxiety and panic attacks as well helping individuals stay focus on the cusp of PTSD flashbacks.

Screenshot of MBM video on Mental Health coaching cards
Our Mental Health coaching card video shows you what you get in the deck and how to use the cards.


Amazon five stars review for Mental Health Coaching cards from MBM
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Amazon five stars review for Mental Health Coaching cards from MBM
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Mental Health Coaching Cards Free Online Tool

Here you will find a third of the pack free. The printed deck you buy is 48 cards.

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