Presentation Skills Coaching Cards

Presentation Skills Coaching Cards

Do you get nervous ahead of presentations?

These presentation skill coaching cards will help you feel more in control, more confident and better prepared to present more effectively. Great presenters are not born with the skill, they only become great by practising and following a tried and tested structure.

Using these Presentation Skill Coaching Cards will enable you to:

  • Be the most engaging presenter that you can be.
  • Interrupt your normal behaviours. For example, Don’t start with Powerpoint.
  • Prepare better so that you meet the objectives that you have identified.

Who Are These ‘Presentation Skills’ Coaching Cards For?

Anyone who has to present information – which we all do more often than we probably consciously realise – whether it be internally or externally, to big groups, small groups or one2one.

What Do You Receive?

70 Presentation Skills Coaching cards. The size of playing cards. Separated into a useful mnemonic to help your presentation preparation, planning, execution and review.

Presentation Skills Coaching Cards

Here you will find a 3rd of free cards online. The printed deck you buy is 70 cards.

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