Channel 4 Luxury Christmas for Less Talks to Our Industry Expert

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MBM Speaks with Channel 4’s Luxury Christmas for Less Programme

Channel 4 approached our Founder, Darren A. Smith, as an industry expert to offer his insider knowledge on Supermarket Cheese on their Luxury Christmas For Less special. He gives advice on how you could do it better and cheaper this Christmas, whilst still indulging in your favourite cheeseboard.

With shortages predicted on the high street, and not forgetting Christmas was cancelled last year, we all deserve a luxurious yuletide blowout in 2021. Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan speak to brand insiders, who spill the beans on our Christmas favourites and how to indulge in luxury products without breaking the bank.

The programme was aired on Thursday 9th December 2021. The trailer and the programme are below:

Trailer – Darren Speaks with the Channel 4 Team:

Feeling like going all out this year? Bank doesn’t quite agree? Then look no further than Channel 4’s Luxury Christmas For Less. Be sure to set this one to record if you want to hear all the trade secrets and tips.

Links to YouTube video about Channel 4 Luxury Christmas for Less featuring Darren A. Smith MBM founder
Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan speak to brand insiders, including MBM’s founder Darren Smith


About the Programme

  • 1×60
  • Channel 4
  • Production company: Firecrest Films
  • Contact: Harpreet Gill

The last eighteen months have been the toughest period many of us have known and a key trend is emerging: we want to treat ourselves. Packed full of revelations and insight from insiders, Luxury For Less is a new six-part primetime series that uncovers how we can all indulge, without breaking the bank.

Presenters Sabrina Grant and Sophie Morgan show how to bag the best discounts and how to buy luxury products at the lowest prices. From top tier items like champagne and holidays on a yacht, through to everyday luxuries like indulgent ready meals, chocolate, and designer jeans, we’ll show what’s really worth paying more for, and how to get the same quality for a fraction of the price.

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