Impostor Syndrome Coaching Cards

Impostor Syndrome Coaching Cards

Do You Want to Overcome Impostor Syndrome?

Our Impostor Syndrome Coaching Cards are for everyone that wants to understand, manage and overcome Impostor Syndrome.

Impostor Syndrome can have a massive impact on confidence, wellbeing, productivity, and career progression, so these cards can help you develop a greater understanding of it but also help you to shift perspective and commit to personal growth.  Our self-coaching cards guide you with questions that help you to gain self-awareness, question your current thinking and shift your perspective.

Using these Coaching Cards will enable you to:

  • Create a vision of an Impostor Syndrome free life.
  • Gain awareness of how it’s showing up for you.
  • Increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • Identify areas for growth and development.

Who Are the Coaching Cards For?

These cards are designed to support anyone who is experiencing Impostor Syndrome in the workplace (or in life).  You can use these cards to help yourself or support a colleague who is experiencing this.  These cards are an easy and accessible way to gain some clarity, build inner confidence, and move forward with courage.

What Do You Receive?

68 coaching cards (plus other supporting cards), which is a handy pack of cards, the size of playing cards. They are separated into 4  categories that will help you to understand, manage and overcome Impostor Syndrome.  Each coaching card has a question relevant to that category.

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Our coaching card video shows you what you get in the deck and how to use the cards.


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How to use the cards

The card deck has 4 categories designed to be used in a certain order. Split the cards into 4 different sections and start with the Vision cards. Then move onto Awareness, followed by Confidence finishing with Growth.  You do not need to work through all of the cards in each section.  Simply choose some cards from each category and work through the questions before moving onto the next category.

Impostor Syndrome Coaching Cards Free Online Tool

Here you can find one 3rd of the pack free. The printed deck you buy is 68 cards.

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