Net Revenue Management Training Course

Do you want to significantly improve the profit of your Category?

Our course covers a model and process for effective day to day Net Revenue Management, that can be applied in today’s retailing markets. It will provide you with new approaches, fresh thinking, and thought provocation to ensure you keep ahead of your competitors.

It will improve the way Learners identify opportunities within their Category. Moreover, it will increase their ability to gain buy-in from buyers to accept and implement their recommendations, thus delivering increased sales and profit.

What is Net Revenue Management find out more here?
NRM Pyramid, Net Revenue Management

By the end of this training course the Learner will be able to:

    • Understand what is Net Revenue Management and how to apply it.
    • Know how to set a profit-based target, that their NRM activity delivers.
    • Understand how to analyse shopper data and turn data into significant sales and profit opportunities.
    • Leverage the 4 Ps of Product, Place, Price and Promotions.
    • Use the fundamentals of ‘S.P.A.I.N.’ soft skills (Selling, Presentation, Analytical, Influencing & Negotiating).
    • Use the 10 tools in the NRM pyramid to achieve the target.
    • Know how to evaluate each tool in order to improve the next NRM implementation