Net Revenue Management Training Course

Course Overview

Do you want to significantly improve the profit of your Category? Our Net Revenue Management Training Course covers a model and process for effective day to day NRM.

As a result, this can be applied in today’s retailing markets. For example, it will provide you with new approaches such as fresh thinking, and thought provocation- consequently keeping you ahead of your competitors.

In other words, it will improve the way Learners identify opportunities within their Category. Furthermore, increasing their ability to: gain buy-in from buyers, to accept and implement their recommendations and thus deliver increased sales and profit.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this Net Revenue Management training, the Learner will be able to:

  • Understand what is Net Revenue Management and how to apply it.
  • Know how to set a profit-based target, that their NRM activity delivers.
  • Understand how to analyse shopper data and turn data into significant sales and profit opportunities.
  • Leverage the 4 Ps of Product, Place, Price, and Promotions.
  • Use the fundamentals of ‘S.P.A.I.N.’ soft skills (Selling, Presentation, Analytical, Influencing & Negotiating).
  • Use the 10 tools in the NRM pyramid to achieve the target.
  • Know how to evaluate each tool in order to improve the next NRM implementation.
What is Net Revenue Management? Find out more here.

Available for Virtual Delivery

Prices Start From £750, find out more:

Learning for Today’s World:

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“MBM understood our challenges because they are accredited professionals from our industry.”

“The chain of evidence meant I understood the individual ROI from the training.”

“Their learning techniques made it stick for the long term, giving continuing improvements.”

Reasons to Believe in Net Revenue Management Skills Training

We believe that people have the right to be the best version of themselves.

For our Net Revenue Management Skills Training Course, we use our unique tool, ‘The Pyramid’. This is because it enables you to follow a simple, yet effective process.

Our training will help you to improve your bottom line. You can expect a return on investment of x7. This means that the cost you pay for training will be delivered seven-fold during the course.

What Learners Say About Our Net Revenue Management Training

“MBM really helped us to pinpoint the areas of Category understanding that offered us the greatest opportunities, and then transformed how we talk about Category across our business. They are challenging and will ask difficult questions, to get the best out of your team and the knowledge within”.
Tony Walsh
Category Controller, Florette

Achieving Real Behavioural Change with ‘Sticky Learning ®’

Sticky Learning ® is our own unique learning method. Developed over the last 18 years. Most Learners attend 1-day training courses and do nothing afterwards. HR Managers & L&D Managers told us that this was unacceptable.

Sticky Learning ® helps Learners to Realise more of what they have learnt. To help them to Recall more of what they have learnt. Plus, Retain more of what they have learnt. The 3 R’s.

Sticky Learning ® enables us to proudly guarantee that if a Learner is not still using their new skill 5 months later, we will give you your money back. This is our money-back guarantee.

Sticky Learning

Measuring Your ROI

We evaluate your training on 5 levels, see below, and summarise these into a pack called the ‘Chain of Evidence’.

  • Reaction (Feel): Level 1 – What were the learners’ first impressions of the learning?
  • Learning (Know): Level 2 – How much did the learners learn?
  • Behaviour (Do): Level 3 – To what extent has the learning been used?
  • Results (Numbers): Level 4 –  How did the behaviour affect the results?
  • Sponsor (Align): Level 5 – What ‘observable change in performance’ has been achieved?

You can find out more about measuring your ROI in ‘About Us’.

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