BBC Rip Off Britain Talks to Our Founder

MBM Speak to Rip Off Britain

BBC Rip Off Britain approached our Founder, Darren A. Smith, as an industry expert to offer his insider knowledge on Supermarket Promotions. In season 3, episode 8 of Rip Off Britain, Darren explains why supermarkets promote, their aims, and how we as shoppers, can get even more value for money.

Darren Speaks with the BBC Rip Off Britain

Darren Smith delivering advice on how supermarkets promote their aims and objectives

Darren Smith appearing on Rip Off Britain, talking with a ‘voucher-aholic’.

At 27 minutes you’ll see Darren speaking with Sam, a voucher-holic. And Sam spends very little on her grocery shopping by exploiting the discounts and the vouchers.

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