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Measurable Return on Investment

The problem suppliers to the big 4 face is that they are investing money in training but are not seeing a measurable return on investment. This is because most training companies do not understand the mindset of the big 4 UK supermarkets and the skills being learnt are not getting put into practice. Find out more about ROI

MBM Mind MapUnderstanding the Supermarkets’ Mindset

Our trainers have worked on both sides of the fence and know the challenges of working with the big four supermarkets, plus we also know how they think and what their hot buttons are. Meet the Team

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What is Sticky Learning ®?

A unique training method which guarantees that every Learner is still using their new skill after 5 months.   Find out more about Sticky Learning ®

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Negotiation Skills Training

This is a Negotiation Skills Training Course of 4 separate ‘classroom days’, over 6 months, with coaching sessions and homework in between courses, designed to make the learning stick using our unique training method Sticky Learning ®. The demand on a supplier’s sales and marketing teams to achieve profitable growth has never been greater in the demanding world of UK Grocery Retailing. The bottom line is always under threat. This programme goes beyond basic negotiation skills and focuses on helping learners to improve their confidence, achieve win:win outcomes and build long term mutually profitable relationships. Course Details

Purple tin can with the label'Time Management' MBM CPD Accredited

Time Management Training

This is a Time Management Training Course of 2 ‘classroom days’, over 6 months, with support in between training days, designed to make the learning stick using our unique training method Sticky Learning ®. The demands on suppliers has never been greater in the fast paced world of UK Grocery Retailing. There is always more to be done than hours in the day. This programme goes beyond time management and focuses on helping learners to prioritise on the reason they are on the payroll, so that they deliver their business KPIs in less time, with less stress, and are able to plan for the future. Course Details

Purple carton with the label'Category Management' MBM CPD Accredited

Cat Man Training

This is a Category Management Training Course of 2+1 ‘classroom days’, over 6 months, with support between training days, designed to make the learning stick using our unique training method Sticky Learning ®. The programme is underpinned with our exclusive Category Management Scorecard, that allows Learners to assess ‘where they are’ and ‘what great looks like’. This unique training is designed to meet the specific and challenging demands of sales and marketing teams of suppliers to the major supermarkets. The programme will improve the way Learners identify opportunities within their category(s) and increase their ability to gain buy-in from buyers to take on & implement their recommendations. Course Details

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Start small with a 1/2 day masterclass

Masterclasses Designed for Suppliers

Our Masterclasses begin to solve the challenges you have around negotiating with buyers, understanding GSCOP, being more effective with Category Management, winning a JBP meeting, or focussing on delivering your KPIs & KRAs. Choose from 5 Masterclasses

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Free Guide: Evaluating Training

Are you struggling to demonstrate the return on investment you get from your training providers? Discover simple and effective ways to evaluate training when you download this Free Guide.   Download this Free Guide

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Free Resources

Useful free resources for UK grocery professionals, such as when the supermarkets publish their financial results, an exhaustive list of industry awards, and links to supermarket resources.   Get Your Free Resources