Executive Coaching Training Course

Increase profit by negotiating better. Get more done with better time management. Identify better category opportunities with more effective Category Management. Our ‘Executive Coaching ’ product is delivered by people who have worked in the UK Grocery Industry, have extensive experience of the skill that you wish to develop, and are experts in coaching. Or maybe you need a career coach to guide you. Some people also call them a ‘Business Coach’.

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Coaching is Offered by Lots of Companies – Why Are You Different?

Our coaching is from people who have worked in the UK Grocery Industry, either at a UK supermarket, or at a supplier to a UK supermarket, or both. This means that we understand the challenges that you face and that we can help you overcome those challenges.

What Does Executive Coaching Look Like?

Our extensive experience of coaching has led us to a formula that works. That said, this product is flexible and is first and foremost about identifying your challenges and working together to overcome them. There are 3 options for you:

Option Face to face sessions(Typically 2-3 hours) Offline support(Hours available) Typical duration(Months)
1 4 2 3 – 4
2 6 4 3 – 6
3 8 8 4 – 8

E Coaching

If geography or cost is a real barrier, we also offer e-coaching. You will be coached via Skype, zoom, or google hangout. This is the same coach, the same tools, just without being physically face-to-face. This saves the time of the coach to travel to you. A saving we pass onto you. Just ask us about online coaching by contacting us.

What Could I Be Coached to Improve?

Here are some examples from our clients:

  • Category Skills to identify opportunities, sell those opportunities, and deliver those opportunities.
  • Build a Joint Business Plan that is well thought through, role-play the delivery, and win more business.
  • Become a more effective Account Manager by leaping ahead using our experience.
  • Understand the Category better, from the Shopper, Preparer, and Eaters’ point of view.
  • Lead your team more effectively to achieve your KRAs and become a better coach.
  • Present more effectively by sharing a story and engaging the audience with your message much better.
  • Assess your Time Management capability so that you can become a more efficient Time Manager.

Available for Virtual Delivery

Prices Start From £750, find out more:

Learning for Today’s World:

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“MBM understood our challenges because they are accredited professionals from our industry.”

“The chain of evidence meant I understood the individual ROI from the training.”

“Their learning techniques made it stick for the long term, giving continuing improvements.”

Reasons to Believe in Executive Coaching Training

We believe that people have the right to be the best version of themselves.

For our Executive Coaching Training Course, we use the G.R.O.W model. There is no denying that the G.R.O.W model (Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward) has stood the test of time.

We use it to coach our clients, thus, creating a higher level of understanding for our learners to ensure measurable benefits.

What Have Coaches Previously Said?

“I have recently completed 6 coaching sessions with Kate Burrows. After completing the course I have come away from the sessions with a lot more knowledge than I started with. We covered many topics. At the start, we began the coaching by establishing what my current short and long-term career goals are. Then looked at my strengths and weakness before putting a plan together on improving my weaknesses. We finished off with me completing a 360 appraisal, then went over it in our final session together. I would highly recommend this 360 appraisal! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kate and feel I gained a lot of value from the course. Would definitely recommend.”
Ben Capper, AC Gotham.

“MBM coaching has significantly improved my professional development and has given me the skills and thought the process I need to continue developing throughout my career. Darren was flexible in his approach; not telling me what I needed to do but making me think and understand how I can improve, the importance of this and how to apply it in real-life situations. Be it time management, people management or professionalism. I personally feel a whole lot more confident, less frustrated and productive”. Patrick Crease, NPD Manager at Cranswick plc. Download the Corporate Coaching case study.

Executive coaching

Matthew Churchill, Account Manager at Greencell

Executive coaching

Watch more video testimonials.

Further case studies:

Client review examples:

Tools Used in Professional Coaching:

There are 7 main tools that the Executive Coach may use to help you achieve your goals:

MBN infographic titled 7 Coaching Tools to Make Learnings Stick

Achieving Real Behavioural Change with ‘Sticky Learning ®’

Sticky Learning ® is our own unique learning method. Developed over the last 18 years. Most Learners attend 1-day training courses and do nothing afterwards. HR Managers & L&D Managers told us that this was unacceptable.

Sticky Learning ® helps Learners to Realise more of what they have learnt. To help them to Recall more of what they have learnt. Plus, Retain more of what they have learnt. The 3 R’s.

Sticky Learning ® enables us to proudly guarantee that if a Learner is not still using their new skill 5 months later, we will give you your money back. This is our money-back guarantee.

Sticky Learning

Measuring Your ROI

We evaluate your training on 5 levels, see below, and summarise these into a pack called the ‘Chain of Evidence’.

  • Level 1: Reaction (Feel) – What were the learners’ first impressions of the learning?
  • Level 2: Learning (Know) – How much did the learners learn?
  • Level 3: Behaviour (Do) – To what extent has the learning been used?
  • Level 4: Results (Numbers) –  How did the behaviour affect the results?
  • Level 5: Sponsor (Align) – What ‘observable change in performance’ has been achieved?

You can find out more about measuring your ROI in ‘About Us’.

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