Interim Category Manager and Category Management Outsourcing

Interim Category Manager and Category Management Outsourcing

You are either looking for an interim Category Manager or thinking about Category Management Outsourcing. You may also call this a Net Revenue Manager.

Welcome – We can help.We believe we have the solution to your problem. Whether you are thinking about a Category Manager for the interim or looking to outsource your Category Management needs, we can help.

MBM has been working with suppliers to UK supermarkets for nearly 20 years and we specialise in Category Management training, coaching, and outsourcing. Contact us to see if one of our Category Managers can be your Category Manager interim.

Let’s take a look at your most asked questions on this topic and answer them for you:

What Does a Category Manager do?

Category Managers improve the performance of categories. Categories are groups of products sold to a shopper. A great Category Manager understands their shopper very well and aims to improve the category to better meet the shopper needs. For example, a range of products that solves the problem for that shopper, and merchandise is an easy to shop manner.

What is a Category Manager in FMCG?

Every Category Manager, whichever their industry aims to improve the sales and profit of the category by better meeting the demands of their shoppers than their competition. In the world of FMCG; fast-moving consumer goods, the added challenge for a Category Manager is, for example, that the product may have a short shelf life, like prepared salads, and they, therefore, have to manage waste in their category.

What is a sr Category Manager?

A senior Category Manager has more experience than a Category Manager. This experience means that they can achieve a better category performance by being able to identify more category opportunities, sell those opportunities, and land those opportunities.

Is a Category Manager a Buyer?

Ultimately, they both have the same goal – to satisfy the needs of their category’s shoppers. Usually, a buyer works for a retailer, and a Category Manager works for a supplier. Though retailers have been known to use the title of Category Managers for their Buyers.

What is a Category Manager Salary?

Typically, a Category Manager earns around £50k per year. This analysis by glassdoor will share a little more about this topic.

What are the 4 P’s of Category Management?

The 4 P’s of Category Management are Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. Also consider some other P’s; People, Process, and Physical evidence. Our simple take on these is R.A.P. – Range, Availability, and Promotions because it will deliver 80% of your overall category opportunities.

What is the Salary of a Senior Category Manager?

Typically, a Category Manager earns around £65k per year.

Is a Category Manager a Good Job?

If you like data analysis, understanding shopper behaviours, and pitching recommendations, then yes it is the job for you.

If you are considering a Category Management interim contact us. Also, check out our category management training course.

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