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76% of Suppliers Do Not Understand the Code – Do you?

Use these 7-10 self-assessment questions to find out.

We have created simple self-assessments that help you to understand your strengths and your weaknesses by evaluating a specific soft skill. By completing one, or all of these soft skills questionnaires, you will know what to use more. Moreover, you will know where your strengths lie, and what to work on, your weaknesses.

How Each Self-Assessment Works

Each soft skill has a separate self-assessment. Each assessment contains 7-10 questions, which should take about 4 minutes. The pass mark for each assessment is 80%. Do not be concerned by the pass mark because it is more important that you are honest with yourself so that you can learn and understand areas for development.

The Questions Asked

In the assessment, you will be asked a question based on an essential quality. We have created a unique set of competency frameworks. A page for each soft skill. Within each competency framework, we have selected 7 essential qualities for that framework. For example, for the Time Management competency framework, one of the essential qualities is being able to capture what tasks are needed to be done. For Negotiation Skills seeking common ground is an essential quality.

Each soft skill has 7 carefully selected essential qualities.

This GSCOP Quiz is designed to test how well you know ‘GSCOP’ – The ‘Groceries Supply Code of Practice’. The law that governs how major UK Supermarket treat their Suppliers. We hope you will find the Quiz a useful tool in deciding whether your team need to read the GSCOP book.

Buy the GSCOP Book

In this book you can significantly raise your awareness of GSCOP – Buy our Book for £9.95.

Take the GSCOP Masterclass

Get a free copy of the book and discuss GSCOP with the Author in this GSCOP Masterclass.

Green Book cover for GSCOP, Groceries Supply Code of Practice by Darren A. Smith
All you need to know about GSCOP

Free GSCOP Book Chapter to Download

You can download the contents page or the free Chapter: A Potted History of the Bill, the Order and the Code.

Join the GSCOP Aware Association

The Aware Association has been formed with one mission – To be the mark for Suppliers to demonstrate that they are GSCOP Aware. Joining is based on passing an online assessment regarding GSCOP that we envisage two-thirds will fail.

Thumbs up icon GSCOP Aware on transparent background
Be aware of the Grocery Supply Code of Practice

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