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How to Be a Great HR/L&D Manager

In this HR Blog, you can get great HR and L&D Management Tips.

Titles such as how to be a more effective HR Manager, L&D Manager, and Training Officer. As a matter of fact, these are challenging roles that require excellent people skills, an understanding of the business commercially, and an ability to influence the business.

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Great HR Management Tips
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Which Countries Talk About Mental Health Most & Least?

Press Story: ‘Which Countries Talk About Mental Health Most & Least?’ distributed to the Press on the 12th October 2021.…
Great HR Management Tips

How to Write a SWOT Analysis Paper with Easy & Actionable Tips

Time to SWOT Up! Performing a SWOT analysis can seem like a challenging task at first, but just like with…
Great HR Management Tips
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18 One-Sentence Ways to Make Sure of an Unproductive Meeting

Fed up of Unproductive Meetings? Meetings! A place where the minutes are sometimes kept but the hours are definitely lost.…
Great HR Management Tips
Training Plan

Annual Training Plan: Identify Yours and Your Teams Training Needs

Structure Your Training Schedule Properly Training should be a priority in any organisation as it is the process of enhancing…
Great HR Management Tips
Stay motivated

Herzberg’s Motivators: Ever Wonder Why You Don’t Like Your Job?

It’s Enough to Make you Jack it in Herzberg’s motivators are a set of insights American psychologist Frederick Herzberg described…
Great HR Management Tips
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HR Excellence Awards for Blogs – Best HR Blogs

With 7.5 million Blog Posts Being Published Each Day There is No Lack of Content to Read on the Web.…
Great HR Management Tips

How to Develop Company Values in 3 Actionable Steps

Improving Your Company’s Values is as Easy as 1,2,3… #1 – Understand why company values are important. #2 – How…
Great HR Management Tips
Stress concept

How Do You Deal With Stress? Become Masters of Calm at Work

Take a Deep Breath…  Hold it … Breathe out… How we deal with stress is a continuing concern to businesses…
Great HR Management Tips
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The Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2021 of the MBM Blog

Our Most Popular Blog Articles Our award-winning blog has over 500 articles created by specialists in their field. From communication…
Great HR Management Tips
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Exit Interviews: Best Practices to Get Best Results For All

How Important Are Exit Interviews For Your Company? Exit interviews have a questionable place in the departure of any employee…
Great HR Management Tips
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How to Build and Improve Self-Esteem: Boost Your Self Worth

What is Self Esteem? In simple terms, it is the opinion we have of ourselves. Psychologically self esteem is denoted to…
Great HR Management Tips
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The Importance of Employee Surveys When Returning to Work

Employee Surveys are Key to Reintegrating Staff As the UK begins to ease lockdown, many businesses are planning how to…