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As a soft skills training provider, we believe in helping you to become the best version of yourself. That’s why we have taken our hundreds of years of experience across our training team and developed these free sales and time management guides. They are specifically designed to help you, the supplier to a UK supermarket sell more and use your time better.

Free Guide: 73% of Your Category Opportunities Never Make It to the Store

This sales guide looks at an effective day to day Category Management process that can be applied in today’s retailing markets. It will provide you with new approaches and fresh thinking to help you stay ahead of the competition. The 3 main challenges this guide addresses are, how to:

  1. Implement a Category Management process fit for today and every day.
  2. Better identify shopper insights that keep the shopper at the heart of your decisions.
  3. Keep ahead of your competition with better Category Management.
A MBM guide for using the same promotional techniques

Free Guide: Are You Making Mistakes When Selling To The Big 4 Supermarkets?

When selling to the big 4 supermarkets, many Suppliers struggle with the challenges of negotiating with them.

If you are like most Sales Directors, Marketing Directors and Account Managers, you’ll be responsible for the sales growth for your business. However, you may find many of your interactions with the big 4 UK Supermarkets frustrating.  In this guide, there are 8 mistakes that Suppliers make when dealing with the big 4 UK Supermarkets. In this free sales guide, we outline the consequences of these mistakes and show you how to avoid them.

MBM Guide to Supplier Selling

Testimonial to Support Reading this Free Sales Guide:

‘What a great read and an excellent illustration of what best practice looks like.  Perfect checklist for haggard Sales Directors and eager young sales professionals alike’. Simon Spence, Sales Director, Westbridge Foods.

Free White Paper: Take the 7 Week Time Management Challenge

Using this whitepaper you can become less overwhelmed, be more proactive, and finish what you start. If you’re looking to read this whitepaper then two things are true; you’ll have browsed the web for ideas, read books, posts, & articles, or watched videos on time management. All with a desire to get more organised, be less stressed, and get more done. In short, be a better Time Manager. And yet you are still searching for that special something that will make a significant positive difference to your time management.

If you complete all 7 exercises towards the second half of this whitepaper, over the next 7 weeks, you will become less overwhelmed, be more proactive, and be able to finish what you start. Watch our 7 Week Time Management Challenge video to learn more.

Poster for the MBM Guide - Take the 7 week time management challenge

Foreward to this Whitepaper:

‘We live in a time-starved world, competing for attention and managing the same amount of hours that each of us is given. No one has more than 24 hours in their day, yet some people always seem calm, open to new things and able to ‘cope’. The difference is that these people manage their time. That is it. Quite simply Time Management is a skill we must learn, for our careers and our sanity. This white paper will help you re-build your time management system into a super effective system. One that will help you to feel less overwhelmed, more in control, and be the person that you have admired as well organised.’ Penny Power OBE, Founder CEO The Business Cafe.

Free Download: 14 Time Management Templates (PDF)

Recently a Learner on our time management training course asked if we had any templates they could use. We did not. Until now. They wanted the templates because they understood the importance of having a time management system. And they understand the importance of building their own time management system. They just wanted a leg-up to start. These templates helped them greatly.

To learn more about each of the 14 templates, read our blog post: 14 Time Management Templates to Help You Get Organised.

Poster for the MBM Guide - Take the 7 week time management challenge

Free Guide: Are You Concerned That You Are Using the Same Promotional Mechanics That You Did Last Year and You Still Have No Idea if They Make Money?

This free sales guide looks at how more effective promotional planning can be applied in today’s UK Supermarkets. It will provide you with new approaches, fresh thinking and thought provocation to ensure you keep ahead of your competitors.

The 3 main challenges it addresses are how to:

  1. Better plan and execute your promotional plans.
  2. Better understand your return on investment.
  3. Keep ahead of your competition.
A MBM guide for using the same promotional techniques

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