Sticky Learning ® solves the key problem for HR Managers, Training Officers, and L&D Managers – Justifying the Return on Investment from their training providers.

Leaky Bucket with patches to cover up the holes. The patches spell out 'STICKY'

The Sticky Learning Method understands these holes and patches them for better retention

Our research with HR Managers, Training Officers, and L&D Managers identified that they were frustrated with not being able to demonstrate an ROI (return on Investment) from their spend on external training providers because they had little, or no, evaluation of the training.

Training Providers have Been Allowed to Get Away with It!

The training industry evaluates reaction to training. And little else. Kirkpatrick founded the 4 levels of evaluation in 1953; Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Financial. Yet 75 years on most training providers only do the ‘happy sheet’. Asking Learners what they think at the end of the training course. We use Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels to create a ‘Chain of Evidence’. This is because whilst we know that absolute numbers are hard, e.g. Training delivered an extra +1%ppt on the bottom line, and particularly for soft skills, that does not mean we should shy away completely. The Chain of Evidence asks Learner for their thoughts at the end of the training course, plus it also:

  • Learning – Asks for their retention – The amount they learned through the programme.
  • Behaviour – Asks what behaviours have changed – What they do differently as a result of the programme.
  • Impact – Asks the impact on performance – Some specific examples of what has improved.

Sticky Learning ® solves the problem of not being able to justify your spend. This unique training method ensures that 80% of our Learners are still using their new skill 5 months later – We guarantee it! In this 1 minute video, you can hear about Sticky Learning ® first hand.

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