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Welcome to Sticky Learning ® Lunches

Below is a list of the Virtual Classrooms. Please sign-up for one, or as many of our Sticky Learning ® Lunches as you like. Each Virtual Classroom is 30 minutes, is at 1 pm each day, and is about a soft skill, e.g. productivity when working from home.

Virtual Classroom Format

Each Virtual Classroom provides 20 minutes of training on a specific soft skill lead by our tutor – Nathan Simmonds. The soft skill will vary from day-to-day. We are also keen for you to inform us of areas you would like to concentrate on. That way, we can tailor our sessions to a specific area. If you would like a particular topic covered, please complete this form.

Each Virtual Classroom of 20 minutes will then be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A to address your specific queries related to the training material discussed.

Your Tutor

Your tutor for free sessions will be Nathan Simmonds. Nathan is our resident soft skills guru. He has over 20 years of leadership experience from multiple sectors across multiple continents. Nathan has carved out his niche for helping people transform what they do, from where they are and actualise what their teams and businesses are truly capable of.

Nathan Simmonds

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“I have already been promoting the sticky learning lunches.  A daily 30-minute blast of thought-provoking topics was really good.  I also praised myself for finding the time to dedicate this training time for me rather than reacting to others needs.

The mental health cards I have purchased have been useful. I have a few of the cards scattered on my desk, so when I am speaking to my team I can use these directional questions- they have been really powerful.

I missed the earlier sessions (sales), but I had the privilege of about 4 weeks of training – it has certainly helped me in the lockdown environment.” Vicky Eades, Head of Sales, Mansfield Pollard 

“The Sticky Learning Sessions could not have come at a more important time. I was able to interrupt my schedule to add value to me. The sessions helped me to slow down the fast-paced workplace that the pandemic brought about.

The sessions were engaging, the facilitator spoke with such grace and empathy. It felt like I had a voice in all that was going on by expanding my present knowledge. My approach to learning was enhanced.” Tolu Ajayi, Talent and Material Management Business Partner,  Id Africa

“I wish I had had this sort of training much earlier in my career! Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend all the sessions that I wanted to – CV-19 still dictates what happens at work…; however the sessions I did attend, I have thoroughly enjoyed. I attended all of the PDP sessions and it has given me something to start thinking about what I want for myself, so much so that I am in the process of booking my PDP (for the first time in my career of 20…odd years) with my manager and I am looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to planning my teams PDP’s!

One thing that really stood out for me was how passionate Nathan was about the sessions, so much so that I was raving on about it in the office and 2 of my staff also started to register to the sessions… this has now spread to an additional 4 other persons within the business.

I was also been inspired to order the couching cards (for all 5 categories) – they arrived last week (?) and I am looking forward to going through them and using them.

I have also sat with my manager and gone through the sessions that I have attended, and there was positive feedback from that too. All I can say is Thank You for helping me look at things differently and start planning for the future – both for my self and my team.” Gurdip Aleksani – Ghalousti, Katsouris Brothers Ltd

‘Today I attended Nathan’s session around creating a 12-month plan. I’m not much of a planner at heart however the tips shared were easily digestible and realistic to put in place even for a non-planner. If you haven’t signed up then you should!!’ Lorna Gamman, Head of L&D Krispy Kreme

‘I came across Sticky Learning Lunches during this current lockdown and signed up to Nathan’s sessions on GROW and Personal Development Plans. For 30 minutes each lunchtime, you are given loads of great content, lots of enthusiasm and expertise from Nathan and are able to build on some valuable skills along the way. I found Nathan’s style to be punchy, delivered at pace, insightful and engaging. Certainly the best learning sessions I have had I a long time. And to boot, the learning has stuck!’. Julie Webbe, Director of HR Change, Currencycloud

‘During this crisis, with people working from home, it’s a great time to learn something new and develop skills. However, there’s so much choice out there and finding the most suitable webinar can be daunting and time-consuming. These 30-minute impactful ‘learning lunches’ are great! They cover off key topics in a short space of time and provide actionable outputs which can be hugely beneficial if implemented in your day to day life, both personal and professional. Everyone can spare 30mins  and I definitely think that this is time well spent!’ Victoria Reilly, Sales Capability Manager, JTI UK

‘I initially came across MBM through LinkedIn and as a result of their interest in me, I’ve written two or three articles for their blog. I find them to be a very engaging and forward-thinking group of people, so it was no great surprise to see (again through LinkedIn) a series of “learning lunch” 30 minutes webinars being offered in response to the sudden and massive increase in remote home working necessitated by the Coronavirus crisis.

To date I have attended two sessions, each focussed on a different aspect of the GROW model – goals and reality – both presented by Nathan Simmonds, a senior and experienced coach at MBM

Nathan is a very engaging presenter, even to a camera with no live audience. His communication style is clear, interesting and considered. He provides excellent advice, well backed up with real-life examples from his own career and others he has worked with. In these, to sessions, he invites questions and comments in real-time from the attendees, works their responses seamlessly into his delivery and keeps the session flowing despite having to read them from a screen himself.

I don’t hesitate to recommend these sessions to anyone interested in best practice and immediately useable practical advice. Both sessions would be valuable on their own, but I can see the whole programme will build into a comprehensive methodology for task and leadership excellence. All of the sessions are available on watch on-demand on YouTube free of charge. Great stuff!’ Stuart Hagyard, Business Systems Manager, Princes Ltd 

‘I am very happy that I attended the Sticky Learning ® Lunches topic today. The topic is spot on and it is definitely useful for me and my team. The trainer has an excellent way of grasping our attention and engaging the audience. I would describe the session as simple, efficient and very interesting.’ Sally Petra, Learning and Development Specialist, BRF Al Wafi Food Products

‘I recently attended MBM’s Sticky Learning Lunch on building my own PDP. The sessions were short (30 mins) and conducted over 4 days, giving me time to digest the content and reflect on learnings. I’ve taken away an action plan on how I can build a PDP and also deliver against it in a way that speaks to my values, levers my strengths and gets me to where I want to be FASTER. It’s made me view the PDP and the process of a PDP as a key enabler for success.I would highly recommend attending the Sticky Learning Lunches. They are rich in insights, A-HA moments and actions you can take away and use immediately.’ Ciara Dolan, Global Consumer Insights Manager, WaterWipes

‘Sticky Learning Lunch – enjoyed it. Nice intro and set up for more detail tomorrow. Looking forward to the next instalment! Nathan was very good, came across very well and it was clear he’s a passionate trainer and coach.’ Gareth Walsh, Global Quality Systems Manager, Agricultural Products at McDonald’s Corporation.

‘Really enjoyed it.  Informative and thought-provoking.  Nice delivery, conversational and inclusive. Only feedback for a change I did put in my text box. Make sure the whiteboard markers are clear, couldn’t see the green.’ Colin Smith, Training & Career Development Manager of MetroShipping.

‘This session was a barnstormer.  Really appropriate for now.  For me Nathan had so much in there he just tickled the surface, kind of giving you, tasters.  Tantalising.  This is a topic I’d like to see him explore some more. Really enjoying the programme, keep it up.’ Colin Smith, Training & Career Development Manager of MetroShipping.

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