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Communication Skills Training Course

Do you want to significantly increase you or your team’s ability to effectively communicate?

Communicating poorly can be costly, which can result in the wrong impression being left. This Communication Skills training supports Learners to get their message across succinctly and effectively; leaving a positive lasting impression. As a result, this will help Learners to develop confidence and improve their knowledge of effective communication.

This training course will change the way Learners approach communication. It will give them tools, techniques, and confidence to better deal with situations where clear communication is essential. Thus, leading to improvements in performance.

Communication Skills tin, Having Poor Clarity on Email

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Communication Skills training course, the Learner will be able to:

  • Identify other people’s communication styles and needs.
  • Recognise body language and what it might mean.
  • Grow relationships through more powerful communication.
  • Prepare better for group communication and be able to demonstrate what clear communication looks like.
  • Communicate more effectively in person, using the phone, and using email.
  • Assertively deal with ‘political’ communication and conflict communication.

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What Learners Say About Communication Skills Training

“I have been working with MBM for over a decade. During that time they have worked together with me and my Sales and Marketing team on both category projects and people development. I have come to trust that when they say they will do something they will, they bring me solutions, and not problems, and can be relied upon to do a great job. My recommendation is MBM because as well as looking after the development of my team very well for many years, they have also helped us solve many category challenges”.

Andy Jenkins,

Sales and Marketing Controller, Cranswick Convenience Foods plc