Frequently Asked Questions for Learners

Answers to FAQs we receive from clients and prospects

How We Work:

What makes MBM different to every other training provider?

The learning that your team receives stays with them much longer because of our unique training method – ‘Sticky Learning ®‘.

Training for companies outside UK Grocery Industry?

Our focus is on the UK Grocery Industry. We have worked with companies outside of the UK Grocery Industry though, because we could not resist working with some really great companies, such as McDonald’s.

How would you identify the needs of the people?

We would propose a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify the needs of the people and the business to achieve its goals. Using the results of this assessment we can propose and build a programme that works for you and that achieves your goals.

How does MBM evaluate?

The evaluation we provide is based on Kirkpatrick’s 4 level training evaluation model and more details can be found about the evaluation of each product on each product page. or you can visit the Return on Investment page.

What are the usual ways clients start to work with you?

We would always recommend small confident steps and building a relationship underpinned with trust. Many clients start here with one of our Masterclasses to experience the ‘cut of our cloth’.

How would supermarket buyers feel about MBM supporting their suppliers?

Supermarket buyers are very receptive to us working with their suppliers because our philosophy has always been to help suppliers work more closely with supermarkets — even our negotiation training course teaches ‘win:win’ as the foundation of an effective negotiation.

What We Do:

What products does MBM offer?

You can see a full list of products that we can provide to you here.

How long has MBM been around?

Since 2002. We have been trading for over a decade in the UK Grocery Industry.

Why do you only work in the UK Grocery Industry?

Simply because this is our background. Each member of the MBM team has worked in the UK Grocery Industry, either on the supermarket or the supplier side. This means that we understand your challenges and our training is designed around those challenges.

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