One Sentences of How Soft Skills will Help You to Be the Best Version of You

Check Out These One Sentence Articles on How Soft Skills Will Help You

One sentences are a neat way of us communicating quickly how soft skills will help you to be the very best version of you. We have written many one-sentence articles – one for each soft skill – and pulled them all together in this summary article so that you can access each one sentence soft skill article easily.

Whether you utilise just one of these sentences or all of them, these articles will show you how soft skills will help you to become the best version of you in any area you choose.

31 One-Sentence Presentation Tricks to Help You Present Brilliantly

There are many articles on presenting, and how to become better at it but rather than a long read, we’ve pulled together 31 quick and easy one-sentence presentation tricks. Whether you take on board one, ten, or all of them, your presenting will benefit.

Tricks 1-10

  • 1. Use the keyboard keys B or W to ‘black out’ or ‘white out’ the screen when presenting to bring the attention back to you, press the same key again to return to your slides.
Businessman reporting at presentation
Bored female freelancer

18 One-Sentence Ways to Make Sure of an Unproductive Meeting

Meetings! A place where the minutes are sometimes kept but the hours are definitely lost. To have an unproductive meeting just follow these simple rules:

Tips 1-5

  • 1. Jam pack your week like you are playing Tetris. There must be no gaps between each meeting because no gaps means that you are busy and busy means you are important.

29 One-Sentence Leadership Tips to Lead Like a Leader

What is a Great Leader? We’ve all Worked for Someone that is a Great Leader That person for Whom We’ll ‘Run Through Walls for’. These Leadership Tips Will Help You to be a Great Leader.

Tips 1-10

  • 1. You ain’t great at everything, so don’t pretend to be by showing humility with, ‘I’m not great at this, you are. Please can you do it’.
Chess concept, team building, leadership and delegation of authority, workflow.
Business teamwork blaming partner and serious discussion.

29 One-Sentence Tips for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict is Hard. Anyone Who Tells You That They Don’t Mind it is Either Lying, Donald Trump, or a Serial Killer!

With these one-sentence tips for managing conflict in the workplace, we hope to give you that edge which means that you don’t reflect after work thinking how the hell did that happen? Or, why didn’t I say x? Or I should have spoken up for myself. There is no silver bullet for managing conflict. It is hard. It can take its toll on us all, but if we can just make it 1% easier for you to manage, then that’s worth learning.

49 One-Sentence Productivity Tools to Get More Done

Elon Musk says, ‘You Get Paid in Proportion of the Difficulty of the Problems You Solve’. These Productivity Tools Will Help You to Get Much More Done.

Take a look at these 49 quick and easy productivity tools to get you on your way to getting more done in your day.

Tools 1-10

  • 1. Meetings that are an hour can be changed to 45-minutes.


  • 2. Just do one thing on the project and then watch the snowball gather momentum.
Productivity quote
Presentation and training in business office

29 One-Sentence Ways to Upskill Yourself

So, You Want to Upskill Yourself? Great. You’re at the Right Place.

Maybe you’d had some training and you want to embed the learning or transfer the learning, or you are at the start of your journey and you ‘just’ want to be the very best version of yourself.

These upskilling ways will help.

Upskill Ways 1-10

  • 1. Present your findings to your team in a presentation booked for 3 weeks Tuesday because no one wants to look silly in front of their peers, so you’ll ensure that you know your stuff about your new found skill.

26 Working from Home One-Sentences to Rocket Your Productivity

Working From Home Requires a Whole Different Mindset From Working in the Office

The days of ‘having a jolly at home’ are gone, and now it is a place where work is done and done to the standard it was in the office. The two are now equal and yet need managing differently.

These working from home tips will help you to be the very best version of yourself working from home.

Freelancer Working On Laptop At Desk In Home Office

37 One-Sentence Communication Tips to Communicate with Clarity

Communicating Effectively is Hard Because We Know What We Mean… It’s Just Getting it Across to all Those Out There

Whether it be in a meeting, on an email, or in a presentation. If we cannot communicate clearly, concisely, and consistently, we may as well be speaking another language. These communication tips will help…

Tips 1-10

  • 1. Don’t waffle.


  • 2. Ever met someone who uses 3,000 words when a few would have done? Don’t be that person.

31 One-Sentence People Management Tips to be a Great Manager

We’ve All Seen the Phrase:

‘People don’t leave their jobs, they leave their boss’.

Managing people is hard. They all have their own needs and wants, and being a great people manager is often the hardest part of the job, so these people management tips will help:

Tips 1-10

  • 1. The difference between people management and leadership is that the leader chooses which hill to take and the people manager enables their team to take the hill (Army analogy).
Manager Explaining Deal to Client
white cubes with coaching inscription on white desk

40 One-Sentence Coaching Tips to Help You to Be a Great Coach

These One Sentence Coaching Tips Will Help You to be a Much Better Coach, or Even to Start Coaching Your Teams. But Why Coach?

The Institute of Coaching reports that 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment in coaching and more.

Ok, you’d expect them to say that. But let’s look at any Olympic athlete. Would Usain Bolt have achieved his records without his coach Glen Mills? No. So, we could all do with some coaching. Let’s start with your team – here are some tips on how you can start and/or how you can improve, with these one-sentence coaching tips:

31 One Sentence Tips for Utilising HBDI Whole Brain Thinking Assessment

Find Out How to Engage in Whole Brain Thinking

The HBDI Whole Brain Thinking Model or Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument is a metaphorical model used to understand that each person has four quadrants when it comes to the process of thinking, communicating, and decision making.

The below one-sentence tips share 31 ways in which we can all benefit by considering beyond our own thinking preferences and engaging in whole brain thinking:

Brain coloured in four parts to show HBDI model
Dream team.

18 One-Sentence Team Building Tips to Create a Team that Rocks!

Leading a Team and You Want to be Proud of a Team That Smashes Through Walls?

These team building tips will help you to create a team that delivers day in and day out.

Tips 1-10

  • 1. Understand Tuckman’s team-building model, identify which stage your team are in, and discuss together how you will get to the next stage.

So there you have it, an array of one-sentence articles on how soft skills will help you. From presentation skills to coaching skills, we have a one-sentence article for all the soft skills you need to become the best version of you.

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