37 One-Sentence Communication Tips to Communicate with Clarity

Communicating Effectively is Hard Because We Know What We Mean… It’s Just Getting it Across to all Those Out There

Whether it be in a meeting, on an email, or in a presentation. If we cannot communicate clearly, concisely, and consistently, we may as well be speaking another language. These communication tips will help…


Tips 1-10

  • 1. Don’t waffle.


  • 2. Ever met someone who uses 3,000 words when a few would have done? Don’t be that person.


  • 3. High self-orientation will make people deaf to your communication, so understand the trust model.


  • 4. Remember that there are none so deaf as those that won’t listen.


  • 5. Aristotle’s power of 3 is powerful because we like 3, we just do love a 3.


  • 6. The sweet spot for emails is about 100 words if you want a reply.


  • 7. Use the Powerpoint slide titles like newspaper headlines, instead of labels.


  • 8. Listen to hear, not to reply.


  • 9. Your words, tone, and body language need to say the same thing or you will be discovered.


  • 10. Accept that you probably need to over-communicate to get across an important message.

Communication bubbles drawn on whiteboard in chalk

Tips 11-20

  • 11. The push and pull method of influencing will help you to be a better communicator because you will probably want to talk less after you understand it.


  • 12. Stories have been told for thousands of years, long before we could write, so tell stories because people remember them better.


  • 13. Communication is a lot about what you say, but also it is about when you say it, where you say it and how you say it.


  • 14. If you believe what you are saying, then there is a good chance that they may also.


  • 15. Stephen Covey, the author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ taught us to ‘seek first to understand’.


  • 16. Ask open questions to see if they understand what you think they should undersatnd.


  • 17. If you have people in the room where their first language is not your first language slow down, avoid slang and very native language.


  • 18. Understand a model like HBDI in order to understand how to communicate in their factual, form, future, or feelings language.


  • 19. Don’t email in anger.


  • 20. Jargon doesn’t make you look great, it just makes you detach yourself from the others.

Wooden figures surrounding a globe showing communication

Tips 21-30

  • 21. Don’t interrupt.



  • 23. Use pauses.


  • 24. Change your slides to using images only because they can say a thousand words.


  • 25. Start with a question.


  • 26. Two ears and one nose – use in that proportion.


  • 27. Change your language to not talking to people, but talking with people.


  • 28. If you find yourself repeating yourself, use another way to influence them because that won’t work.


  • 29. Answer this question for them – what’s in it for me?


  • 30. Move from using a passive voice to using an active voice: from ‘a mistake was made’ to ‘we made a mistake’.

Communicate spelt out in scrabble tiles

Tips 31-37

  • 31. Be brief.


  • 32. Communication is not always verbal with over 50% of communication being non-verbal, so consider your tone and your body language.


  • 33. For PowerPoint slides use dark or black backgrounds so that they are the highest contrast and receive the most focus.


  • 34. Use the power of because to explain: “I like you” 😱 Versus “I like you because you always contribute in meetings” 🥳.


  • 35. Release endorphins by making people laugh, this, in turn, makes them more creative, relaxed and focused.


  • 36. Share a sad story to release oxytocin which creates empathy and builds trust and generosity.


  • 37. Tell a story that builds suspense and has a cliff-hanger as this releases dopamine, which improves focus, motivation and aids memory recall.

So there you have it, 37 quick and simple communication tips to get you started on being a great communicator.

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