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If you work in the UK Grocery Industry, you’ll know the pace…fast! We teamed up with the Grocery Guru – Andrew Grant, ex-Tesco Buying Director – to bring you debate on the latest issues facing our industry.

From Urban Fulfilment Centres to GSCOP to Christmas Ranging. Each video is 10-minutes and streamed live at 1 pm every Thursday on Youtube. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest videos.

Beware, Andrew and Darren don’t always see the same issue the same way! You will not get one answer here, but two different opinions

#1: Urban Fulfilment Centres

In this episode of The Grocery Guru, find out what UFC’s are, and how they will impact the grocery industry. Tesco is first with Asda hot on their tail.

Episode 1
Episode 2

#2: Category Management is Dead

The age-old question. If Category Management is about meeting the shopper’s demands better and quicker than the next guy, then it’s a ‘No’.

#3: New Normal, New Holidays

In this episode of The Grocery Guru, we discuss the ‘new normal’ and how this is likely to affect Christmas. Touch challenges for our industry during Covid-19.

Episode 3
Episode 4

#4: The New Grocery Adjudicator

Mark White has taken-over form Christine Tacon. What will he want from the named retailers? And will he name Amazon in 2021?

#5: The Demise of the Deli Counter

We all love them, buy a treat from them occasionally, but is it time for them to be put out to pasture?

Episode 5
Grocery Guru Episode 6

#6: It’s CPI Time!

Cost Price Increase – The words buyers dread. In this episode, The Grocery Guru discusses how to deal with them effectively as a NAM to avoid a ‘No’, go away’.

#7: Who’s the Pantomime Villain?

The alleged breaches of GSCOP are published. Only 150 out of 10,000 suppliers – Is that the ‘right’ number?

Grocery Guru Episode 7

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