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Supplier Management: UK Grocery Multiples & Their Supplier Bases

Supplier Management is Not Only for Christmas…. David and Goliath  Your day to day interactions with UK supermarket buyers may…
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Cost Price Increase in the UK Post-Pandemic

No Not Another US Import Crime Series With a Banging Theme Tune by The Who But Still Plenty of Potential…
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Questions Sales People Should Ask…. But Often Don’t!

Why Are We So Bad at Asking Questions? Why are sales people generally so rubbish at asking questions? Well, there’s…
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How to Outsmart Your Buyer With 21 Negotiation Tactics

21 Tactics You can Use… 1. First Strike They disrupt the very start of the meeting with something designed to…
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HFSS Food: Impact of The Proposed Legislation Starting in 2022

What’s All the HFSS About? The biggest single intervention into UK diets since rationing during the Second World War. HFSS:…
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GSCOP – Compliance, Collaboration and Confusion

Reflecting on the GCA Annual Survey 2020 Christine Tacon, Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) will bow gracefully out of her role…
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GSCOP – Many Happy Returns! Christine Tacon Interview

The Outgoing Adjudicator Christine Tacon Christine Tacon, the current Groceries Code Adjudicator is nearing the end of her 5-year term…
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Grocery Buyer: Your RoboBuyer Will See You Now

Grocery Buyer: The Algorithm of Buying I am sure most national account managers will have wondered at some point whether…
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M&S Results: Is Marks & Sparks a Declining Family Favourite?

We All Have a Soft Spot For Dear Old M&S There is something decent about them. We all (used) to…
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Food Safety: How Do You Like Your Brexit Eggs Served?

How Does Food Safety Look Post Brexit? Uncompromisingly hard-boiled? Soft and a little bit runny in the middle? Or, well…
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UK Supermarket Price Wars: The Longest Cold War?

The Price War Between UK Supermarkets Well not quite, but almost. According to common historiography, the prolonged standoff between America…
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It’s Time for the Grocery Retail Industry Nominations!

Welcome to the GRINs So, after the month-long awards fest of the Oscars, BAFTAs and Brit Awards we thought it…
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World’s Stickiest Learning

We are the soft skills training provider, partnering with clients that are frustrated by their people returning from training courses and then doing nothing differently. Our clients choose us because we achieve behavioural change through our unique training method, sticky learning ®.