GSCOP: ‘Securing Enduring Progress’ – Annual Conference 24th June 2019

Nine Highlights from the GSCOP Annual Conference 2019

Today was the Annual Groceries Supply Chain Practice Conference by the Groceries Code Adjudicator. Also known as the ‘GSCOP Annual Conference’. Christine Tacon’s final year. In her final-year, Christine is committed to working with each of the 12 large retailers. She continues to ensure that their practices, systems, and behaviours meet the obligations under the law. Christine believes that this is the best way to avoid breaches.
We have rounded up nine of the key highlights to take away from the GSCOP Annual Conference, below:

#1 The Supermarket Compliance Battle

Aldi won the supermarket compliance battle for 2019 and B&M were the worst. Morrisons, Lidl and Iceland went backwards a little, becoming less compliant. Asda improved by 8ppts.

A graph of overall assessment of compliance with the Code, GSCOP Annual Conference

Aldi are the clear victors, with B&M plummeted at the bottom of the graph.

#2 Forensic Auditing Concerns Reduce

In 2014 the main concern was ‘Forensic Auditing’ with 45% of suppliers reporting a concern. It is now only 7% in 2019.

Forensic Auditing is no longer as much as a supplier concern as it once was in 2014.

Forensic Auditing in 2014 equaled 45% of concerns, in 2019 and 2018 alike it sat at just 7%. The chart illustrates the deterioration over 5 years regarding forensic auditing as a concern.

#3 Recent Investigations and Case Studies

In the last 12 months, Tesco and Co-op were investigated. Plus case studies produced by the GCA now total 5. You can read about those case studies.

Graph of Change in retailer practice over the past twelve months

The Co-operative has improved the most along with Tesco. Whereas Marks & Spencer has improved one of the least and worsened… the worst. A graph detailing the change in retailer practice over 12 months.

#4 Progress on Top Issues

There are 9 Top Issues from Suppliers and all made progress. Of most concern was Forensic Auditing, Consumer Complaints, and then Margin Maintenance, respectively.

A graph detailing the Progress of Top Issues since 2014

9 quadrants each relating to the Top Issues in suppliers progress since 2014.

#5 Key Trends

The most significant trend highlighted at the GSCOP annual conference was a reduction from 79% to 41% in ‘Experienced an issue’.

Chart of Selected Key Trends from 2014 to 2019

Selected key trends 2014 to 2019

#6 Supply Agreements Still Lagging

Half of all suppliers still do not have a written supply agreement. Do you know what should be included?

Graph of written supply agreement with retailers

Have a written supply agreement with these retailers?

#7 GSCOP Supplier Training Still Low

Still only half of all suppliers have received training on the code.

Graph showing people who have received training on the code

Have you received any training on the Code?

#8 Recommendations From the Co-op Investigation

The investigation into Co-op led to these recommendations by the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA), Christine Tacon.

A list of recommendations made to co-op

Recommendations made to co-op

#9 New Graphics

The new logo launched at the GSCOP annual conference by the GCA to support Code awareness:

GSCOP Annual conference, new logo

Code Confident: Know the Code, Get Trained, Speak Up.

Presentations from the GSCOP Annual Conference

The slides above can also be seen with many other slides from the presentations that were delivered today at the GCA conference. There were 4 presentations at the Groceries Supply Code of Practice Annual Conference. You can download them below:

Driving Effective Compliance Risk Management – 14 slides.

YouGov GCA Annual Survey 2019 – 23 slides.

Driving Effective Compliance Risk Management – 25 slides.

Tackling Unfair Trading Practices in the EU – 13 slides.

You can also find these presentations and Christine’s words on the webpage.

GSCOP Training

If you are feeling exposed because you do not have a written supply agreement, check out our GSCOP training course. Also, take a look at our GSCOP book to ensure you are GSCOP compliant.

For further tips and information, you can take a look at our Ultimate Guide to GSCOP and our GSCOP YouTube Channel. Also, check out our award-winning blog to see more tips and articles.

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