Use an ‘Off-the-Shelf’ Method

Use an ‘Off-the-Shelf’ Method  – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are You Annoyed by How Little Line Managers Support the Skills Training of Their Teams?’

Why use an ‘Off-the-Shelf’ Method?

L&D professionals designed our unique training method, Sticky Learning ®, using over 100 years of experience based on feedback from HR Managers, Training Officers and L&D Managers. The feedback largely concluded that there are 3 problems when it comes to training, which Sticky learning® resolves:

A. People attend training courses but do very little with the learning afterward.
B. The training fails to engage Line Managers.
C. Training evaluation is nearly never completed, or if it is, is completed poorly.

There are 3 ways that Sticky Learning ® helps the Line Manager:

Sticky Learning ®

1) Learning To Learn

Every Learner, before they attend an MBM training course, attends a ½ day Learning To Learn training course. This teaches the Learner how to learn more quickly, retain more, and enjoy their learning. For the Line Manager, they attend a 1-hour briefing afterward. This is to help them learn how to support Learners to achieve their ‘ILO’ (Individual Learning Objective).

2) Individual Learning Objective

At Learning To Learn, the Learner is asked to complete an ILO so that they can get used to doing so. This prevents Learners from ‘rocking-up’ to training and not knowing what they want. In essence, the ILO asks, ‘What do you want from the time you are investing?’. This question enables the Learner to reflect on a specific learning objective. They then present this objective to their Line Manager for approval.

3) Manager Pieces

As the Learner progresses through the Sticky Learning® method, the Line Manager gets the ‘Manager Pieces’ email. The email contains a briefing of what they need to do next. This may include suggestions on how to support their Learner to identify their ILO, a knowledge vault containing videos, research, and further learning to help them engage more as a Line Manager.


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