E4 – Do You Attend 1-Day Training and Do Nothing with It? Are You Failing to Make Learning Stick?

E4 – Do You Attend 1-Day Training and Do Nothing with It?

Have you ever attended a 1-day training course, returned to the office and done nothing different. You’re one of many who fails to make learning stick.

The return on time & money invested is therefore zero.

In this podcast, we discuss this common story; You work in the corporate world, you attend 1-day training courses. You come back and get on with your work. Nothing changes. We spend 10 years at school going to lesson after lesson. Yet, we then get out into the big wide world and expect to learn a skill between 9-5 in a training course. It simply can not happen.

Make learning stick: Time flies by and nothing changes

Similar to when you learnt to drive. The average person takes 40 driving lessons. And then they pass. In the science of learning, this is called, ‘Spaced Repetition’. It simply means that we learn, we take a break, we learn, we take a break, and so on. Also, we are applying what we are learning all the time, as we drive. Yet on 1-day training courses, we learn the theory, there is some practice, but not enough.

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