Book Review: ‘The Listening Space’ by Tamsin Hartley

The Listening Space: About the Book

Emotional wellbeing has undoubtedly entered into everyday language in the workplace.  Great managers and leaders are now not just concerned with our performance but how we are.  While there is still a long way to go, it is books like The Listening Space that will not only engage us now but inform the future workforce.  In an age where we are more aware of emotional wellbeing than ever, author Tamsin Hartley tackles a very real issue.

The Listening Space’s ‘Elements’

The Listening Space brings together three elements – mindfulness, clean language and metaphor in a new and fresh way.  You can see why the metaphor works; it allows the reader to refer to something in a different way.  The habits that we get ourselves into means we usually miss more subtle elements in our lives.  The Listening Space brings those back into view through mindfulness and allows us to focus on them.

The Listening Space by Tamsin Hartley, Book Cover
A New Path to Personal Discovery by Tamsin Hartley

Mindful Exploration

Reviewed books talk about concepts ‘out there’.  They inform us how we should manage, creating an inclusive culture or adopt a certain leadership style.  The Listening Space considers the reader through mindful exploration and your emotional wellbeing. Some books should stay on your bookshelf to refer back to.  The Listening Space falls well within that category while you practice and focus on working through it in your own time.
The concepts are not time-bound. Read and practice mindful exploration at your own pace.  Tamsin presents the reader with a skilful and intelligent book taking the reader on a cleverly designed journey.  This is achieved through elements such as clean listening and clean questions.  These skills are well worth reading and a topic in their own right.
Backed up by supporting articles, The Listening Space is well researched and should be added to any coach’s development.  Constant reminders of the journey so far remind you of the sections covered and bring you back to focus.  I have never read a book that so diligently provides this and it works.
The Listening Space is multi-faceted in that it provides skills for coaching and managing people.  Tamsin recognises and explicitly states that this is a book for you while ac acknowledging additional applications.

Final Thoughts

The Listening Space provides exactly what it states on the cover.  This book provides a new path to personal discovery with new concepts and a unique approach.  Moreover, there are fresh new concepts that are backed up by further reading for those who want to research more. For example, the use of metaphor along with the concept of clean listening and clean questions are contemporary and refreshing. While the topics within are for us to utilise, the tools are there for coaches and facilitators alike.
Expertly written, this book speaks to everyone in a fresh way.  Highly recommended for anyone on their own personal discovery.

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