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Woman in gym gear kicking a punch bag

Resilience and Wellbeing Today: The Big Bounce Back

Resilience and Wellbeing: The Key to Businesses and People Getting Back on Track UK office-based working patterns are unpredictable at…
'Be here now', What Mindfulness Can Bring To Marketing

Now’s the Time: What Mindfulness Can Bring To Marketing  

Exploring What Mindfulness Can Bring To Marketing Working in marketing can be stressful, even in normal times. But Covid-19 has…
Woman holding papers waiting for a presentation

6 Tips to Channel Nervous Energy Effectively

Are You Struggling With Nervous Energy? You wake up to the alarm beeping erratically, signalling the big day ahead. Brushing…
Silhouette of a woman looking out of big window

How to Maintain Your Mental Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

What to expect from your mind when self-isolating for a long period, and how you can support your mental wellbeing when…
An isolated, run-down cabin in the woods

5 Solutions to Reduce Cabin Fever & Work From Home Effectively

People working from home = Isolation The good news is that you are not alone. The google trends graphs below…
Drop in water causing ripples

Reflection: The Importance of Emotional Wellbeing

Nurturing Emotional Wellbeing… Beginning the journey as a new manager is exciting and nerve-racking.  The difficulty can be that there…
Plain white book with the title 'Book Review' and the MBM logo.

Book Review: ‘The Listening Space’ by Tamsin Hartley

The Listening Space: About the Book Emotional wellbeing has undoubtedly entered into everyday language in the workplace.  Great managers and…
Plain white book with the title 'Book Review' and the MBM logo.

‘Waking Up’ by Sam Harris Book Review | A Spirituality Search

I am someone who values science over and above any belief system. I had – until fairly recently – always…