Ted Lasso and Leadership Wisdom Through Disc Profiling

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Unpacking Leadership Lessons From Ted Lasso Through the Lens of DISC Profiling

In the world of fictional characters, few have captured the hearts of audiences quite like Ted Lasso. With his unwavering optimism, empathy, and at times unconventional approach to leadership, Ted embodies qualities that resonate with many.

As a Leadership and Management Development specialist, as well as an accredited DISC Trainer, I watched the episodes with the sheer enjoyment that the rest of my family displayed. And also a complete fascination for how the writers had portrayed Ted’s character and his Leadership qualities.

What exactly makes Ted Lasso such an effective leader, and how does it relate to the principles of DISC profiling? There are interesting parallels to be drawn between his characteristics and DISC profiling, with many Leadership lessons to be learned from both.

Understanding Ted Lasso’s Character:

Male Soccer Coach with coaching icons for Ted Lasso leadership
Let’s explore the inspiring leadership of ‘Ted Lasso,’ in the American sports comedy-drama series


Now before delving into the specifics of DISC profiling, it’s essential to understand the core of Ted Lasso’s character. Ted, portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, is a small-time American football coach who finds himself thrust into the world of English Premier League football when he’s hired to coach the fictional AFC Richmond.

Despite lacking experience in soccer, Ted approaches his new role with enthusiasm. But later, he uncovers that the Owner of the club had hired him because of his lack of experience. She hopes this will destroy the club and therefore wound her ex-husband. Nevertheless, Ted maintains positivity and a genuine desire to connect with his team.

1. Optimism and Positivity:

One of Ted Lasso’s defining traits is his unyielding optimism, even in the face of adversity. No matter the situation, Ted maintains a positive outlook and encourages his team to do the same. His ability to see the silver lining and focus on solutions rather than problems is a key aspect of his leadership style.

2. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence:

Another hallmark of Ted Lasso’s leadership is his deep sense of empathy and emotional intelligence. He takes the time to understand his players as individuals, recognising their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. By empathising with his team members, Ted fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie that is essential for success on and off the field.

3. Authenticity and Vulnerability:

Unlike traditional sports coaches who often exude toughness and stoicism, Ted Lasso embraces vulnerability and authenticity. He’s not afraid to admit when he doesn’t have all the answers or when he makes mistakes. By being genuine and relatable, Ted earns the respect and loyalty of his team, creating a culture where honesty and openness are valued.

The Core Principles of DISC Profiling:

Boy soccer player holding a DISC profile ball
Unlocking the Power of DISC: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness


Now, let’s shift our focus to DISC profiling and how it relates to Ted Lasso’s leadership style.

DISC profiling is a behavioural assessment tool that categorises individuals into four primary personality types: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Each type is associated with specific behavioural tendencies, communication styles and motivations.

1. Dominance (D):

Individuals with a dominant personality type are assertive, decisive, and results-oriented. They thrive in leadership roles where they can take charge and make things happen. Ted Lasso exhibits elements of the Dominance style through his confidence and willingness to make bold decisions for the benefit of the team.

2. Influence (I):

Those with an influential personality type are outgoing, enthusiastic, and persuasive. They excel at building relationships and motivating others through their charisma and charm. Ted’s ability to inspire his team with his infectious energy and positivity aligns closely with the Influence style of DISC profiling. Although Ted is more likely to encourage his team members to take the limelight, rather than take centre-stage himself.

3. Steadiness (S):

Steadiness-oriented individuals are known for their patience, empathy, and team-oriented mindset. They value stability and harmony in their relationships and prefer to work in supportive environments. Ted Lasso demonstrates Steadiness traits through his empathetic leadership approach, consideration for others, and focus on fostering a sense of belonging within the team.

4. Conscientiousness (C):

Those with a conscientious personality type are analytical, detail-oriented, and systematic in their approach. They prioritise accuracy and precision in their work and thrive in environments where they can apply their expertise.

Now Ted Lasso may not exhibit as many Conscientious traits compared to other styles. But his commitment to learning and adapting to new challenges reflects an openness to new ideas and perspectives. He also appears aware of this area being less of a strength and draws on the analytical approaches of other characters, to benefit the team.

It’s crucial to note that every person is a blend of all 4 styles, with most people tending towards either one or two styles. We can all ‘do’ the behaviours associated with each style and at times might ‘borrow’ behaviours from the other styles, flexing those muscles when needed. When doing this, it uses more of our energy, simply because it doesn’t come as naturally to us. That’s important to think about, both from a self-care perspective and also in looking after our people when expecting them to take on tasks that don’t naturally align with their preferences.

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Ted Lasso’s Leadership Style Through the DISC Lens

At first glance, Ted Lasso’s leadership style may seem to defy categorisation within the framework of DISC profiling. Closer examination reveals that Ted embodies elements of each personality type, albeit in his unique way.

1. Integration of Multiple Styles:

Ted Lasso’s leadership style is characterised by its versatility and adaptability. This enables him to draw upon different DISC styles as needed. Whether he’s asserting a level of authority as a Dominance type or building rapport as an Influence type, Ted seamlessly integrates these elements into his leadership approach. Additionally, he excels at fostering harmony as a Steadiness type and seeking understanding as a Conscientious type.

2. Emphasis on Relationship Building:

One of the key tenets of DISC profiling is the importance of understanding and harnessing interpersonal dynamics. Ted Lasso excels in this area, forging deep connections with his team members based on mutual respect, trust, and empathy. By recognising and appreciating the unique strengths and perspectives of each individual, Ted creates a cohesive and supportive team environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

The character Ted initially struggles with most is Rebecca, the Club Owner. However, Ted finds his unique way to charm her. He chips away at her standoffish, hard exterior by delivering daily shortbread biscuits. They’re beautifully presented in a cute pink box. As a result, Rebecca is hooked and tries to find out where he buys them. Eventually, she discovers (Spoiler alert!) that he bakes them himself. This shows how keen Ted is to break through and win her trust and friendship.

3. Focus on Positive Reinforcement:

Rather than relying on fear or intimidation to motivate his team, Ted Lasso employs individualised encouragement, praise, and constructive feedback to inspire growth and development. His emphasis on celebrating small victories and maintaining a “believe in yourself” attitude reinforces the positive aspects of DISC profiling, fostering a culture of optimism and resilience within the team.

Exploring the DISC Styles of Other Key Characters:

Hand with magnify glass analysing cartoon characters
Let’s dive deeper into the colourful ensemble of characters from ‘Ted Lasso’


In addition to Ted Lasso, several other characters in the show have distinct DISC profiles that contribute to the overall dynamics of the team.

1. Rebecca Welton (Dominance):

As the owner of AFC Richmond, Rebecca Welton embodies the Dominance style with her assertiveness and determination. Once she realises the error in her ways of trying to kill the club out of petty jealousy and revenge, she focuses on achieving results. However, as the series progresses, we also see her character evolve and soften. She begins displaying elements of Steadiness and even Influence. This transformation occurs as she learns to empathise with others and prioritise relationships over power.

2. Coach Beard (Steadiness):

Coach Beard serves as Ted Lasso’s loyal assistant coach and confidant. He embodies the Steadiness style with his calm demeanour, patience, and focus on maintaining harmony within the team. Amidst the chaos, he provides a stabilising influence. Coach Beard offers support and guidance to Ted and the players alike.

3. Roy Kent (Conscientiousness):

Roy Kent, the veteran team captain known for his no-nonsense attitude and commitment to excellence, exhibits traits of the Conscientious style. He’s analytical, detail-oriented, and driven to succeed, holding himself and his teammates to high standards while also showing a deep sense of loyalty and dedication to the team’s success.

4. Keeley Jones (Influence):

Keeley Jones embodies the Influence style within the context of AFC Richmond. As a socialite and model, she exudes charm, charisma, and a natural ability to connect with others. Additionally, her outgoing nature and infectious enthusiasm make her a valuable asset both on and off the field. Keeley thrives in environments where she can leverage her social skills to build relationships and inspire those around her. Furthermore, she brings a sense of energy and positivity to the team, often serving as a source of motivation and encouragement for the players.

5. Nate Shelley (Conscientiousness):

Affectionately known as “Nate the Great,” demonstrates traits of the Conscientious style within the AFC Richmond coaching staff. Initially serving as the team’s kit manager, Nate’s meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach to his work set him apart. Over time, as he earns the respect of his colleagues and mentors, Nate emerges as a strategic thinker and invaluable contributor to the team’s success.

His analytical mindset and commitment to excellence drive him to continuously seek improvement and strive for perfection in all aspects of his role within the organisation, earning him promotion to Assistant Manager. He leaves the Club to pursue a Manager role himself, working under the vindictive Owner of ‘West Ham United FC’, Rebecca’s ex-husband Rupert.

Rupert attempts to shape Nate and recreate in him his own direct, assertive, and ‘Dominance’ style. However, this doesn’t come naturally to Nate, and he struggles to gain the respect of his team. Eventually, he soon realises the error of this decision. Consequently, he returns to Richmond, back into the fold of the AFC family. Here, his true values and strengths are appreciated, and he’s not trying to be something he’s not.

Expanding on Ted Lasso’s Leadership Philosophy:

Girl thinking about Ted Lasso leadership
Here’s something for you to ponder on!


While Ted Lasso’s leadership style is rooted in optimism, empathy, and authenticity, it also incorporates elements of strategic thinking and adaptability. Throughout the series, Ted demonstrates his ability to navigate complex situations and inspire his team to overcome challenges, showcasing leadership qualities that resonate with audiences worldwide.

1. Strategic Vision:

Despite his laid-back demeanour, Ted Lasso possesses a keen strategic mind. He is always thinking several steps ahead and anticipating potential obstacles. Whether it’s devising innovative training methods or working with the other coaches to implement unconventional tactics on the field, Ted demonstrates his ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions to problems. Additionally, he is not afraid of drawing on other members of the coaching staff and harnessing their strengths.

2. Adaptability and Resilience:

One of Ted Lasso’s greatest strengths as a leader is his adaptability in the face of adversity. Rather than becoming discouraged by setbacks or failures, Ted remains resilient and resourceful, finding opportunity in every challenge. His willingness to embrace change and learn from his experiences sets an example for his team, encouraging them to approach obstacles with a positive mindset and a determination to succeed and BELIEVE.

3. Empowering Others:

At the heart of Ted Lasso’s leadership philosophy is his commitment to empowering others. Consequently, he fosters a culture of collaboration and trust. Ted firmly believes in the potential of each individual team member. He consistently goes out of his way to support and encourage them in their personal and professional growth. By creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, Ted cultivates a sense of ownership and accountability within the team. This, in turn, drives them to achieve their goals collectively.


In wrapping up, it’s clear that Ted Lasso’s leadership isn’t just about playing by the rules of traditional coaching or fitting into neat DISC categories or other Leadership definitions. Instead, it’s a blend of optimism, empathy, and strategic thinking that transcends labels.

Through his journey with AFC Richmond, Ted teaches us that leadership is about connecting with people on a deeper level, understanding them as individuals and their personal needs and motivations, and empowering them to shine.

Let’s keep Ted’s lessons in mind as we navigate our leadership paths, embracing compassion, collaboration, and genuine human connection along the way. If we can use DISC profiling to help increase our self-awareness, as well as to help us understand others, it simply accelerates the process and brings much quicker success.

Disclaimer: The character interpretations and DISC profiles are based on personal observations and interpretations.

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