7 Sticky Skills for Small Changes & Big Results: Etihad Webinar

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Thank you for attending the Etihad Airways webinar.

I Shared 7 Sticky Skills

Behaviours that you can use straight away. Small changes in behaviours will bring big results. Thank you to Andrew for inviting me. This page is to provide further study because hopefully you will have captured your Keepers ® and then you can read further about these 7 sticky skills, and more importantly, how you can use them to help you to be the best version of yourself.

1. Keepers ®: Learning Skills

Getting the most from the time you spend learning is essential if you are going to avoid the ‘Forgetting Curve‘. This is where you have a great day of training but do absolutely nothing afterwards. Resulting in a poor return on your time invested.

Blank Keepers template for taking effective presentation notes
Practice effective note-taking with our Keepers template


Action: Read more about Keepers and also mind mapping.

2. Push and Pull: Influencing Skills

To get anything done you need people and you need them to do what you need them to do. Influencing skills are key to making this happen. And the key to influencing is a technique called ‘Push and Pull’.

Action: Learn more about push and pull in this short video. And you can read the Ultimate Guide to Influencing Skills.

3. Task Switching: Time Management Skills

One of the keys to improving your productivity is to stop task switching. You can add up to 50% more to each task by moving from that task to another one and back frequently.

Action: Listen to this 9-minute podcast on task switching.

4. If You…, Then I…: Negotiating Skills

If you feel like you never get the best outcome, the best deal, then this simple and yet very effective tool will help. When you make a proposal/an offer, use ‘If you can reduce the price by £x, then I will deliver it tomorrow’.

Action: Watch the ‘If you…, then I…’ 2-minute video below.

Links to YouTube video about email and telephone negotiation tips from MBM
Improve your Telephone and Email negotiation skills with this quick YouTube video


5. Word on Head: Influencing Skills/Self Confidence

To make things happen you need to be confident that you can. Ever been sold to, and the person wasn’t very confident? It makes you feel not confident in the product. Whether you are pitching an idea, wanting more resources, or selling, self-confidence is the key.

Action: Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk will help. Plus, this short podcast about ‘word on head‘.

6. 127 Things You Did Wrong!: Feedback Skills

We all crave praise. Yes, feedback can be the ‘F’ word. It doesn’t have to be. Regular sharing of how someone is performing is essential to supporting them to be the best version they can be.

Action: Take a look at this engaged employees infographic below.

Purple infographis with stats for highly engaged employees
Consider the impact of having highly engaged employees


7. ‘I’m a Learner: Learning Skills

You have heard of learning styles. You may know that you are an activist or an auditory Learner. There are many models out there for understanding how we learn. The important part is knowing that we are different and that a person will typically teach in their style, yet often the Learner will be less receptive because it is 75% likely not to be their style.

Action: Identify your learning style.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting this page, but more importantly for using these 7 sticky skills to develop yourself to be the best version of you. May I ask a small favour in return, please?

  • Take to Linkedin and say how much you enjoyed the webinar, and tag me in – Darren Antony Smith.
  • Write a google review about Making Business Matter.
  • Tell Andrew Stotters-Brooks that you’d love to know more about Sticky Learning ® and training with MBM.

Be the best version of you.

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