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E11 – Don’t Be a Cabbage Butterfly – Stop Task Switching for Better Time Management

By March 20, 2019

E11 – Don’t Be a Cabbage Butterfly – Stop Task Switching for Better Time Management

You start a task and another one comes up. You do that, and another one comes up. So, you then do that. Until – you guessed it – another one comes up! You are task switching.

This, according to the time management gurus, adds 50% to the original task. In short, by switching concentration and having to adapt your thought processes from task to task, you are adding 50% of the time to it. This is because your concentration needs to adapt. Different skills are required to complete different tasks. It will take time to adapt your thinking and understand the new task.

According to the Harvard Business Review, task switching can take up to 20 minutes. Managing emails being the biggest culprit for creating distractions.

We are losing vital minutes from our already busy days.

Task Switching, Cabbage

Listen to this podcast to stop task switching and losing these vital minutes. Focus on what is really important. Remember why you’re on the payroll and consider the seven big things that help get your job done.

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