Get the most from your learning with Mind Mapping and Keepers

To enable you to get the most from any training that you receive from us, we have the following objectives:

  1. To provide you with the ‘road map‘ to achieve long-term skill transfer and the advantages & disadvantages of that map.
  2. To provide you with a toolbox that will help them to learn more, learn more quickly and learn more easily.
  3. To enable you to be aware of how you prefer to learn so that you can choose to learn in a way that works better for you.

These objectives are in place because:

We forget 80% within 30 days!

This is because of something called ‘The Forgetting Curve’. A German psychologist in the mid-1950s ran some experiments and calculated how much we forget. In essence, if this partnership between us fails you will forget over 80% of what you have learnt today within 30 days.

So in order to achieve those objectives one of many things we do is to ensure that you have some techniques for capturing the output & key learnings from each course. We don’t give out a slide deck (because you will never look at it again anyway) and hand-outs are kept to a minimum for the same reason. We know that if you capture in your own words the things that resonate with you during your course, you stand a far higher chance of revisiting your notes and remembering what you learnt over time. Read more about ‘sticky learning‘.

Here are the two methods we recommend to get the most from your learning; Mind Mapping and Keepers…

…one for the right-brainers and one for the left-brainers- HBDI.

Mind Mapping

  • A Mind Map is a powerful graphical technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain.
  • It was originated in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan.
  • It allows you to capture your notes in a very visual and free-flowing way.
  • Often used by Learners with a right-brain dominance because it is a more creative way of making notes.
  • Please watch this video by Tony Buzan to appreciate its full value:
Mind Mapping


  • Keepers are a list based way of making notes that allows you to capture a keyword and/or pictures and the details of the ‘thing’ you want to remember.
  • Key learnings are captured one per row and can be supported by with an image.
  • Capturing ‘in your own words’ the things you wish to remember ensures you have them stored in a safe place.
  • By capturing additional information such as the room, who you sat next to etc. will ensure when you review your notes that your learned memories come flooding back.
  • Used more by left brain dominant learners because they like the logical, sequential nature of their notes.
Keepers Image

Download Your Keepers Template

Achieve fantastic retention

The purpose of both of these two techniques is to ensure you take away with you the things you know will help you to achieve your Individual Learning Objective and those things you want to keep with you for the long-term.

You will be responsible for reviewing your own notes and we will help by providing timely prompts of when to do so as part of the post-course support.

By adopting these simple practises and spending around 20 minutes per month you can ensure that you achieve fantastic retention. For us this means that 80% of Learners are still using their new skill after 5 months, something we guarantee!

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