Weekly Review: Use the 77B Time Management Method

Weekly Reviews are to Time Management, what updates are to your iPhone. They keep it up to date. Moving forward. Continually effective.

Imagine if your laptop or phone did not update. They didn’t keep changing, improving, and keeping your effective. You’d complain that you were being left behind. Yet your time management system is the same as the one you ‘fell into’. A weekly review helps you learn. I know that intellectually you get it. The problem is that you’ll say that, ‘You don’t have time’. That means it’s not important. And that means that you don’t see the value in doing it.

Let me persuade you in 3 ways.

Then, you decide. If you don’t, you don’t, but at least make a conscious decision not to, or to.

#1 – Persuading You to Do a Weekly Review: The Most Successful People Do

The most effective people review what they did and what they could improve. Imagine being at the top of your game. The emails, calls, meetings, and lots of big stuff would be insane. How do you stay sharp? Keep ahead? Ensure that you continuously improve? You know the answer.

As Elon Musk said, ‘A 1% gain every day compounds to almost 38% increase over a year.’

#2 – Persuading You to Do a Weekly Review: Continuous Improvement

If you are not moving forward you are moving backwards. And you don’t want to be moving backwards. So, you want to be known as someone that is improving. Bettering themselves. Your reputation is important. How would people view you if you were someone that learned from their mistakes? They’d think you were someone that didn’t rest on their laurels. This would help your reputation. People might want to learn from you. That would feel good.

#3 – Persuading You to Do a Weekly Review: Less Time than Making a Cup of Tea

It takes 7-minutes. That’s a short amount of time. In return, you continually improve your value.


How to Do Your 77B Weekly Review

To do your own 77B Review, simply follow the seven steps below:

  1. Grab a clean page.
  2. Write a big ‘P’, a big ‘M’, and a big ‘A’. On the left of the page, spaced out. See image below.
  3. Next to the ‘P’ write 3 things that were positive about this week.
  4. Next to the ‘M’ write 3 things that were not so good about this week.
  5. Smile about what you did well.
  6. Next to the ‘A’ write one thing that you will do differently next week. Either building on the positives, or fixing the minuses.
  7. Grab a well-deserved beer and think that next week is another week!
Notepad page with P M A hand written down the side and 77B written at the top

The 77B method is a way to do your weekly review

Why is this Weekly Review Called the ’77B’ Method?

The reason we call it ’77B’ is because it takes 7-minutes. You write 7 items; 3 positive, 3 minus and 1 action. Then, because you do it last thing on a Friday, you can grab a beer! Best of luck.

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