Mental Health Comnversations

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We hope the webinars on the 4-part model of M.I.N.D to help you have a mental health conversation have been helpful.
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If you enjoy our Sticky Learning ® Lunches you might benefit from 121 coaching.
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Mental Health Coaching Cards. Only £9.95

Who Are These For?

These Mental Health Coaching Cards are for anyone that cares about their people. This includes leaders that want to support their team.

What Do You Receive?

This is an 80-card deck of questions. Based on the model ‘MIND’ these are therefore used when working with people with anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD flashbacks. Purchase your mental health coaching cards.

Free Information Tool

MBM infographic titled How to use your mind to have a positive mental health conversation
Improve your communication skills in mental health with these tips

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