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Stop and Think: Harnessing Cognitive Diversity in the Flow of Work

What Is Stop and Think? Stop & Think is a new Whole Brain® Thinking application that provides individuals and teams…
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Our Top 5 Most Visited Leadership Articles

An Overview of Our Most Popular Leadership Articles Our award-winning blog has over 800 articles created by specialists in their…
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Become Awesome With These Soft Skills TED Talks

Develop your Presentation, Communication, Leadership and Many More Soft Skills With Our Top 10 TED Talk Videos. Who are TED?…
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Presenting with Impact – Stop The Boring Presentations

Everyone makes mistakes when presenting with impact. It is inevitable, but how can we limit the mistakes and be the…
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No Flaming Idea How to Prepare for a Negotiation

This is How to Prepare for a Negotiation with these Easy Steps. What is Negotiation? Negotiating is where two people,…
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My Virtual Team Could be Much More Effective – HELP!

Our 2-Part Training Session on Getting a More Effective Virtual Team Over the past 2 years, virtual has become the…
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The MBM Advent Calendar 2021: Open to Reveal Treats!

MBM Advent Calendar 2021 Join us every day in December until Christmas day to reveal special treats from our advent…
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Christmas TV Adverts 2021: Who Will Come Out on Top This Year?

Here is Your 2021 Christmas TV Advert List – Is John Lewis This Year’s Winner? Christmas. The time of year…
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Identify Strengths and Weaknesses with this Performance Review

Identify Yours and Your Teams Strengths and Weaknesses in Performance Reviews. Performance management reviews are important within any organisation as…
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Annual Training Plan: Identify You and Your Teams Training Needs

Structure Your Training Schedule Properly Training should be a priority in any organisation as it is the process of enhancing…
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HR Excellence Awards for Blogs – Best HR Blogs

With 7.5 million blog posts being published each day there is no lack of content to read on the web.…
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The Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2021 of the MBM Blog

Our Most Popular Blog Articles Our award-winning blog has over 800 articles created by specialists in their field. From communication…
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World’s Stickiest Learning

We are the soft skills training provider, partnering with clients that are frustrated by their people returning from training courses and then doing nothing differently. Our clients choose us because we achieve behavioural change through our unique training method, sticky learning ®.