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GSCOP – Do You Understand the Groceries Code of Practice?

Image of the GSCOP book available on amazon

In short, this is a post that steers you to address whether your understanding of GSCOP is sufficient.

To understand GSCOP more fully buy ‘A Complete Understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP)’ in either: the digital book is available from Amazon. Meanwhile, the physical book is available on Lulu.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Time Managers

My Stuff Management Car

The Top 7 actions and behaviour traits that influence excellent time management.

7 Reasons to Say ‘No’ to One Day Training Courses

Heart shaped sweet showing words of 'Just Say No'

Why one-day training courses, with no preparatory work before and no support afterward, are a little like doing your French homework on the bus to school. And you’ve ticked a box but learned very little, completely missing the point of the exercise.

Why You Procrastinate, How to Stop, and Why it is Like a Theme Park

Disneyland Paris Map

In short, this is a post of reflection as to why people procrastinate. And why it is often very unhelpful and how to avoid it.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Negotiators

blue fish with x red marker


The Top 7 actions and behaviour traits that influence highly effective negotiation skills.

Why Doesn’t Your Personal Development Plan Work?

Personal Development Plan Table - MBM

Use this template to create a personal development plan that is fit for purpose.

What is Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve?

Sticky learning bucket

Hermann Ebbinghaus (January 24, 1850 – February 26, 1909) was a German psychologist who pioneered the experimental study of memory. And Ebbinghaus made several findings, of which arguably his most famous finding, the forgetting curve. In short, the forgetting curve describes the exponential loss of information that one has learned. According to this model, the sharpest decline occurs in the first twenty minutes and the decay is significant through the first hour. Finally, the curve levels off after about one day

7 Time Management Tips to Quickly Increase Your Productivity

Person organising the table and things around him

The Top 7 Time Management Tips that have an immediate impact on your ability to work efficiently and productively.

Brave Approach to Writing a Joint Business Plan with a UK Supermarket

Trust = credibility + reliability + intimacy / self orientation

How to go about writing a joint business plan. And this is relatively new to the grocery industry as a whole.

Ultimate HR Scorecard for Measuring Training, Mentoring, and Recruitment

Making HR Managers, L&D Managers and HR Advisors really understand where they are now, where they want to be and how you might get from one to the other. Indeed, a useful Performance Management Tool.

One Minute Video – Negotiation Skills Tips

1 Minute Video - If you.. then I.. Video screenshot

The Top 7 Challenges for L&D Managers – CIPD Annual Survey Report 2015

CIPD Annual Survey Report, Learning & Development 2015

One Minute Video – Don’t Start with Sorry – Time Management Tips

One Minute Video - Don't Start with Sorry - Video Screenshot

One Minute Video – Eat That Frog – Time Management Tips

Man standing in front of an image of a frog with 'Eat That Frog' written behind him

One Minute Video – The Woolly Mammoth – Time Management Tips

Woolly Mammoth

Big 4 Uk Supermarkets – Biggest Online Presence?

ASDA Facebook screenshot

3 Killer Questions to Test Your Time Management System

Cartoon - Lady asks 'got a minute please sir? and the Man says 'Yes, at 10.47 next Tuesday..' Time Management

You cannot manage time. And it is constant. Meanwhile, the clock simply ticks, and as Thomas Jefferson famously said, “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”.

Don’t Start with Powerpoint

Cartoon I can't understand it! They're simply not selling hot cakes

‘Don’t start with Powerpoint’ is about starting where Stephen Covey, Author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, told us to start, with the ‘End in Mind’.

A Formula for Belief?

A Formula for Belief DNA

Thinking about my goals……and achieving them, got me thinking about the formula for belief, like the formula for trust, change and the 80:20.

A Complete Understanding of GSCOP Because You Need to Know

A Complete Understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice - GSCOP

Working in the UK Grocery industry you will have heard of GSCOP – the ‘Groceries Supply Code of Practice’. This code was implemented by Government to regulate the relationships between supermarkets and their suppliers. Buy the Book written by Darren A Smith of MBM to help the industry navigate the code.

How Great Are You at Presenting, Managing Your Time, Negotiating, Influencing, or Managing Conflict?

Dart Board





We all want to know how good we are. And how far we have to go to be great? Find out how great you are, because you want to be the best you can be. Indeed, without knowing where you are, you cannot know where you can reach for.

And we plan to publish more Linkedin Pulse Posts.

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