Use this Personal Development Plan Template to Build Your PDP

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Build Your PDP Using this Personal Development Plan Template

You can use this personal development plan template to build your personal development plan. Enabling you to become the very best version of yourself by making small, yet important steps towards improving.

Your actions might be as simple as reading an article and implementing one small change in your behaviour, listening to a podcast, or watching a short video. Small and regular improvements are the best way forward, rather than large scale changes that do not take hold.

Instructions for Using Your Personal Development Plan Template

You’ll need this competency framework either printed or on another tab, in order to complete the PDP template below. Complete the template starting at the top and working downwards. A completed personal development plan so that you can see best practise.

Mistakes People Make and to Avoid

  1. You don’t need to pick three soft skills. If you only want to work on one, work on one.
  2. Don’t overthink it. People spend forever creating great PDPs”s whereas a PDP that is a little less thought through but makes progress is better than is great &n sits on a shelf.
  3. In the actions – what & when rows – start small. A good action is to just read an article, listen to a podcast, or watch a short video. This is much better than actions like shadowing the XYZ department for 3 days. In fact, we’d suggest actions that are 20 minutes or less, are much more likely to get done than any other actions.
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Your personal development plan template will give you the motivation and guide to become your best self


Bringing it to Life

Bring yours to life with this personal development plan template. Then make it ‘live and breathe’ by doing one 20-minute action per week.

Note: The first column of fields are all ‘required’, and then the second two columns are optional.


Once You have Built Your PDP

Please check your email for a link to your PDP.

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