Christmas Adverts of 2020: Will John Lewis Come Out on Top?

Christmas Adverts 2020 List – Is the John Lewis Christmas Ad the Winner This Year??

Christmas. The time of year where adverts on our television are watched with an eager eye and enjoyed by all for their festivities. We will chart the most popular Christmas adverts of 2020. Discover who has taken the advertising crown. Can anyone topple the perennial classic John Lewis Christmas ad?

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot is Spectacular – 7.5m views as of 02-12-20:

Aldi's Christmas advert

Coca-Cola tells a lovely story with a nice twist at the end – 4.6m views as of 02-12-20:

Coco-Cola's Christmas advert for 2020, a twist is employed

 The John Lewis Christmas ad has its usual ‘awww’ feeling, but here’s just something missing – 3.8m views as of 02-12-20:

John Lewis's 2020 Christmas Advert

Argos’ ad is a more a traditional advert – 3.3m views as of 02-12-20:

A more traditional Christmas Advert is prevalent in Argo's take on Christmas

Sainsbury’s are rumoured for this to be 1 of 3 ads. This is the gravy song – 2.4m views as of 02-12-20:

Sainsbury's, first of a trilogy of Christmas Adverts... the Gravy Sons

McDonald’s animated ad tells a lovely story – 1.4m views as of 02-12-20:

McDonalds 2020 Christmas advert, a heartfelt story is told

Amazon’s Christmas ad is less of a story and more of an advert – 1m views as of 02-12-20:

Amazon's Christmas advert 2020

Asda has created an ad that is true to life, though not a story:

A Christmas advert by Asda that reflects the realism of life, it is true to the world we live in

Morrison’s advert is more of a music video – Very catchy though:

A music filled take on Christmas, Morrison's Christmas Advert 2020

Tesco’s no naughty is on-trend and a nice take on Christmas:

A nice take on Christmas, this is Tesco's 2020 Christmas advert

TK Maxx’s ad is a little quirky, about a dressed goat: 

Tk Maxx joining the competition of Christmas adverts

Snoop Dogg hooks up with Soda Stream to save the planet:

Soda Stream has joint the Christmas advert 'battle'

Disney’s animated Christmas ad tells a nice story about a Mickey Mouse toy through the generations:

Disney's Christmas Advert 2020

Supervalu ad is very good and a newcomer to the Christmas advert scene:

SuperValu's Christmas advert for 2020, they are newcomers to the scene of Christmas advertising

DocMorris Weihnachtsfilm ad is a very heartfelt, beautiful short story:

Docmorris Weihnachts advert

Christmas Advert Winners through Time

We’ve created a funky infographic showing the Christmas adverts over the last 6 years so that you can see who has won each year and with what.

You can witness the winners of Christmas adverts throughout time

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