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Having an Impact: What it Means & How We Achieve It

Influence. Inspire. Impact. A combination of three words, especially aliterated, is one of many tools to achieve exactly what those…
Communication Skills Tips

37 One-Sentence Communication Tips to Communicate with Clarity

Communicating Effectively is Hard Because We Know What We Mean… It’s Just Getting it Across to all Those Out There Whether…
Influencing Skills Tips

What is Assertive? A Look at Assertiveness in Theory and Practice

Assertive is a Word you Commonly see on CVs, But What Does it Mean? Being assertive is needed for interpersonal, communication,…
Influencing Skills Tips
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What is the Difference Between Affect and Effect?

Knowing the Difference Between Affect and Effect Can be the Difference Between Looking Good and Looking Bad. Don’t Risk Your…
Communication Skills Tips

Interpersonal Communication: What You Need to Know to Get Better Results

If You Have Researched Interpersonal Skills, You Will Know That Communication is a Key Element We know that communication connects…
Influencing Skills Tips
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Personal Presence – It’s Much More Than Being a Good Presenter

Projecting Your Inner Strength Personal presence is an intangible human quality that opens doors and makes you stand out. And…
Communication Skills Tips

Communication Filters ’R’ Us – But Don’t Let Them Own Us!

Are You Receiving Me, Over? We all have communication filters. Each person interprets received information through different filters, reflecting our…
Influencing Skills Tips
Spheres of Influence. Influencer Marketing.

36 One-Sentence Influencing Tips to Get More of What You Want

Influencing Tips to Help You Get What You Want After all, if you want to get anything done, you need…
Influencing Skills Tips
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Thinking On Your Feet: 7 Ways to Get the Vital Seconds You Need

‘By the Way, I Need You to Reduce Your Prices From 8% From Next Week – Is That Ok?’ Quick…
Communication Skills Tips
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6 Big Benefits of Learning the Correct Business English

Improve Your Business English There are several professional benefits to learning business English. Business English is a type of advanced-level…
Influencing Skills Tips
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Assertive Language: Talk Your Way to Turning Around Your Life

Put Speaking Assertively and Asserting Yourself Top of Your To-Do List Assertive language at work often gets mistaken for aggression.…
Influencing Skills Tips
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How to Achieve Unstoppable Confidence in 5 steps

Confidence is Inconveniently Intangible When we think of a confident person, it’s difficult to quantify how this actually comes across.…