HR Excellence Awards for Blogs – Best HR Blogs

With 7.5 million Blog Posts Being Published Each Day There is No Lack of Content to Read on the Web.

Finding quality content that is useful can be hard. Consequently, finding quality content that is useful for HR Managers and L&D Managers is even harder.

Here at MBM, we are on a mission to find the very best HR blogs, with the HR Best Blog Awards. We are aiming for this collection of articles to make your jobs easier. Additionally, we hope they will add real value because they are full of useful and practical tips that make you look great. Our search begins…

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Criteria to Find the Best HR Blogs from 100 to 30 – Bronze

  1. Include engaging content, visual aesthetics, and be user friendly.
  2. Bring enjoyment to the reader.
  3. Include practical tips and tools that readers can use immediately.
  4. Relevant links and structure.
  5. Have a domain rating of 43 or above.
  6. Have at least 200 articles on the blog.
  7. Publish 1 article per week.
  8. Cover trending topics.

Criteria for the Judges to Award Platinum, Gold, or Silver to the 30 Chosen Bronze HR Blogs

  1. How much the blog solves problems for HR Managers, L&D Managers and Training Officers.
  2. How engaging is the blog to read.
  3. How practical it is to implement the tips, tools, and tricks.

Timescales of Our Search

  • Stage 1: Identify over 100 HR blogs across the web.
    • Completed by 30th September 2021
  • Stage 2: Arrive at the top 30 Best HR Blogs. The best 30 HR Blogs will be announced by email and on social media.
    • Announced on the 7th October 2021
  • Stage 3: Our judging panel of 13 judges will score each of the 30 winning blogs based on the 3 criteria above, out of 10. Each blog will be judged by a minimum of 3 judges.
    • Completed by 30th October 2021
  • Stage 4: We will announce the 20 blogs that have been awarded the Bronze Award.
    • Announced on the 8th November 2021
  • Stage 5 : We will announce the 5 blogs that have been awarded the Silver Award.
    • Announced on the 15th  November 2021
  • Stage 6: We will announce the 4 blogs that have been awarded the Gold Award.
    • Announced on the 22nd November 2021
  • Stage 7: We will announce the final 1. This Best HR Blog will receive our Platinum award.
    • Announced on the 29th November 2021
  • Stage 8: All silver, gold, and platinum HR best blogs will be included in our book, along with any comments from the judges about each blog.
    • Completed by the 1st December 2021
Judges image
Jackie Lanham

Andrew Stotter-Brooks – Vice President Learning and Development Etihad Aviation Group.

Andrew is a HR Professional with more than thirty years of senior Human Resources Management practice in Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Aviation.

Similarly, people development is his passion, helping others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement, whilst creating an environment of trust and the ability to avoid ambiguity.

Anubhab Rahman

Anubhab Rahman – Head, Organisation Development and Capacity Enhancement at Eastern Bank Limited

Anubhab has worked in the HR sector for over 15 years with vast HR experience including strategic HR planning and many more. Additionally, she has been Head of Organisational development for companies such as Eastern Bank and AFC group.

Ben RainforthGott

Ben Rainforthgott – Director : Transformational HR | HRD | HR Director ( UK / EMEA /ASIA-PAC) at GOTT HR Solutions

Headshot of Darren A. Smith

Darren A. Smith – Founder and Sticky Learning Guru, Making Business Matter

Darren has worked in the world of supermarkets and suppliers for over 24 years. His story is one of a game of two halves. For the first 12 years, he worked as a Buyer & Category Manager in one of the big four UK supermarkets buying mainly fresh foods, from cheese to fruit to ready meals.

Lee McDonald

Lee McDonald – Learning & Organisational Development Specialist and Speaker, Rejuvenate Consulting

Satnam Sagoo

Satnam Sagoo – Learning and Organisational Development, Red British Cross

Satnam is currently the Director of learning and organisation development for the British Red Cross; where she is accountable for the learning and development of 4,000 staff and 60,000 plus volunteers and organisation leadership and talent development as well Culture, Wellbeing and Diversity and Inclusion programme lead.

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones – Global People/HR Freelance HRD/CPO/VP/Consultant, GGJ Global Consulting Limited

Glenn is a freelance HRD/VP/EVP.  He is also, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and CIPP with over thirty years of extensive global Human Resource Management strategic and operational practice.  He has worked across 16 sectors and is the author of “Human Resources Changes the World – How and Why HR and HRDs Should Step Up as Leaders in the 21st Century.  Glenn is also in his second year of a DBA.

Alan Collins

Alan Collins – Founder, Success in HR

Claire Salter

Claire Salter – Head of Employee Relations (EMEIA) at Burberry

Frank Oppenländer

Frank Oppenländer – Chief Human Resources Officer for Wanzl Group.

Hayley Moosa

Hayley Moosa –  Deputy People Director at Prezzo Ltd

Jayne Casey

Jayne Casey

Jayne has worked in HR for 23 years, primarily in the telecommunications and technology sectors both in the UK and globally.  Jayne is passionate about employee engagement and leadership development and in particular investing in females who are early on in their career.


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