Online Coaching Cards – Caroline

£1,250.00 / month

Who is Caroline? Your Virtual Coaching Assistant for £5 per employee per month

Imagine a line manager holding a one-to-one with a member of their team. The line manager has a laptop/tablet/phone and selects from one of 20 decks. From GROW to people management to negotiation skills. Having chosen the deck, they then swipe to ask a question from that deck.

This is Caroline – she is their digital coaching assistant (The origin of the name is ‘to free people’).

How does the Subscription Work?

You pay monthly. This gives your company access for all your employees. We provide you with your own unique access which you can share with your employees. You can stop your subscription at any time by letting us know. The subscription cost above and to the left is based on a company of  0 – 250 employees.


£1,250.00 / month

Online Coaching Cards

Line Managers tell their people. This holds everyones’ performance back. They know that they need to coach their teams, but they don’t because they don’t know how. Google’s project ‘Oxygen’ discovered that the one thing line managers need to do better is coach. You can enable your line managers to move from telling to coaching and significantly improve everyone’s performance.

These Coaching Cards provide an immediate and easy way to use coaching models, like G.R.O.W., to enable Line Managers to become coaches to improve the performance of their teams.

The Benefits of Caroline

Using this online subscription will enable your line managers to improve everyone’s performance and for everyone to feel more valued because you are investing in their development. Details of the benefits:

  • Have access to twenty decks of coaching cards. A deck of coaching cards has between 60 and 100 cards of questions (A line manager doesn’t have to ask all the questions. They can choose the best ones to ask).
  • All future upgrades to the decks will be automatically upgraded at no extra cost.
  • Additional decks will be added at no extra cost. A list of current coaching card decks is available here. We will add the following decks by May 2021:
    • NLP
    • Teamwork
    • Sales
    • Resilience
    • C-Suite
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • HR Directors

Who is this Online Coaching Cards Subscription for?

People managers & leaders, beginner coaches at work, even qualified coaches, or for those that simply want to become the best version of themselves through self-coaching. You do not have to be a qualified coach/trainer to use them.

How Does the Subscription Work?

You pay monthly. This subscription gives your company access for all your employees. We provide you with your own unique access which you can share with your employees. You can stop at any time by letting us know. The cost on the left is based on 0 – 250 employees.

Have more employees? Select the amount below:

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Good Value for Money

Our printed coaching cards are £7.50 each. Twenty decks would cost £150. If you bought these decks for each employee this would cost £150 x 250 employees, which is £37,500. Apart from those decks taking up a lot of room on their desk, they would not benefit from the deck upgrades or future decks that were added.

Moneyback Guarantee

If Caroline does not help your line managers to become betters coaches, tell us. Simply complete a contact us telling us why. Read our returns policy to find out how.

For further everyday coaching tips and information, you can take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Coaching Skills and our Coaching Skills YouTube Channel. Also, check out our award-winning blog to see more Coaching Skills Tips and articles.



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