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Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management

How Can We Utilise HBDI in Our Time Management to Make it Awesome?

Utilising HBDI in Time Management ‘Right off the bat’, as Matt Damon said in the film The Martian, you cannot…
HBDI model of the 4 quadrants

31 One Sentence Tips for Utilising the HBDI Whole Brain Thinking

Find Out How to Engage in Whole Brain Thinking The HBDI Whole Brain Thinking Model or Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument…
Square split into many smaller squares with a person's head in each

5 Psychometric Tools to Better Understand Yourself & Others

Discover 5 Psychometric Tools To Help Improve Your Understanding There are many psychometric tools available. Having used, worked with, and…
A group of business people clapping a woman giving a presentation

Applying HBDI to Presentations: Form, Future, Feelings & Facts

Use Red, Yellow, Green & Blue to Make Your Presentations Engaging We think he looks like Captain Birds Eye. The…
Group of colleagues in an informal meeting

How to Understand Self and Others, and Minimise Conflicts

Preference Assessments/Personality Tests Whether your organisation achieves success or not, it all depends on those you task with making it…
Soft Skills Glossaries

HBDI Definition FAQ’s and Glossary of Terms

HBDI FAQs Find out more about the HBDI  profile and Whole Brain Thinking? You can read our HBDI FAQs and…
Businessman giving presentation with colleagues

Not Selling to the ‘Whole Buyer’: Using the HBDI Quadrants

Not Selling to the Whole Buyer – comes from the Free Guide – Are You Making Mistakes As A Supplier…