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Data Insight: The Art and Skill of Analysing Data to Create Insight

Turning Data into Insight is a Skill. Almost an Art Form. Most People Regurgitate Data into Graphs and Tables, and…
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Planograms: the importance of Retail Space Planning

Let’s Discuss the Role of Planograms in Retail Space Optimisation For decades, Planograms have been the primary approach to retail…
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Category Manager e-Assessment

Are You a Great Category Manager? Category management is about identifying opportunities, selling opportunities, and landing opportunities that drive category…
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42 One-Sentence Category Management Tips to Identify, Sell & Land More

Identify, Sell and Land More Opportunites with These Category Management Tips Category management is the process of grouping like products into…
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31 One Sentence Tips for Utilising the HBDI Whole Brain Thinking

Find Out How to Engage in Whole Brain Thinking The HBDI Whole Brain Thinking Model or Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument…
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31 One-Sentence Presentation Tricks to Help You Present Brilliantly

Presentation Tricks, Tips, and Hints That Will Help you to Prepare Better, Present Better with Confidence, and Become More Influential…
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How to Build and Improve Self-Esteem: Boost Your Self Worth

What is Self Esteem? In simple terms, it is the opinion we have of ourselves. Psychologically self-esteem is denoted to describe…
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4 of the Very Best Coaching Models All in One Place

Coaching Models that Help You be the Best Version of Yourself and Help Others be the Best Version of Themselves.…
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How to Develop a Category Management Strategy

What is Category Management? Let’s break down the words of a Category Management Strategy. Then we’ll take a look at…
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Importance & Incorporation of Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Discover the Importance of Repetition Learning to learn is a challenge that cannot be downplayed. Retaining knowledge is a hard-fought-for task,…
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Heavy Learners More Confident, Successful, and Happy at Work

This article is a reproduction of Josh Bersin’s November 2018 Article on LinkedIn documenting his research on employee happiness and…
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Category Management Process Funnel: 7 Simple & Practical Layers

7 Simple Ways To Understand The Category Management Process We devised the funnel to help Category Managers focus, and ‘funnel…
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World’s Stickiest Learning

We are the soft skills training provider, partnering with clients that are frustrated by their people returning from training courses and then doing nothing differently. Our clients choose us because we achieve behavioural change through our unique training method, sticky learning ®.