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Charismatic Leadership – Be a Beacon in Your Business

Do You Want To Be A Rock Star Boss? Charismatic leadership is something we’re seeing a lot in business. Numerous…
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Pro-activity: Change the Way You Navigate the World

Transform Your Working Life. Start Today! Pro-activity is a term people often use in business about taking the initiative to…
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Team Charters – Lead The Way Forward

Set The Course to Achieve Your Goals Team charters have never been so important in planning to succeed, as in…
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Communication Channels: The Best Ways to Get Your Message Across

Didn’t You See the Email? Business communication channels tend to get taken for granted. We use them day in, day…
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Self-Awareness: Possibly the Greatest Soft Skill of All

Do You Know Who You Are? In our uncertain times, self-awareness is an extremely important skill everyone in business could…
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Change Management Models – Realise Your Vision, Safeguard Your Team

Making Business People-Focused Change management models play a key role in helping businesses design, plan and implement change and make…
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2-Way Communication: Take it to a Higher Level

We Need to Touch Base 2-way communication involves senders and receivers passing information back and forth. The ‘content’ has meaning…
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Democracy Leaders – Be the Boss Who’s Happy to Listen

Give the Team Their Say, and Lead the Way Democracy leaders are an idea whose time has come, in today’s…
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Window of Tolerance: Managing the Impact of Trauma Whilst at Work

Keeping an ‘Open Mind’ Window of tolerance is a therapy term, describing our mental bandwidth available to tolerate stress before…
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Inspirational Leadership – Be a Boss to Believe in!

Happy Employees Boost the Bottom Line Inspirational leadership is crucial in engaging employees in the business transformation and change needed…
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Why is Empathy Important? – Time for a Fresh Look

I Hear You Loud and Clear Empathy is an important personal quality in today’s business environment. Companies are reassessing their…
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Social Currency – What is it & Why it’s Getting People Talking

Are You Joining in the Chat? Social currency is a term we hear a lot. It means your influence on…
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The Home of Sticky Learning ®

We are the soft skills training provider to leading UK Manufacturing and Retailing companies partnering with them to increase their sales and profits.

They choose us because of our money-back guarantee, our relevant experience, and that we make their learning stick.

The problem companies face is that they are investing money in training but are not seeing a measurable return on investment. Our 5-level evaluation provides a ‘Chain of Evidence‘ for each training course.

Our trainers have worked on both sides of the fence and understand the challenges of working in an environment that is constantly changing, has slim margins, and where people need to be their very best.

Our unique training method, Sticky Learning ®, ensures that your Learners are still using their new skill 5 months later and this is supported by our money-back guarantee.

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