Use a Ready-Made 5 Level Evaluation Solution

Use a Ready-Made 5 Level Evaluation Solution – Comes From the Free Guide – Are You Struggling to Demonstrate the Return on Investment You Get From Your Training Providers?

Why the Focus on Evaluation Solution? Through our research of HR Managers, Training Officers, and Learning & Development Managers, we understand how poor evaluations frustrate them. And, in particular, that means that they are unable to justify their costs. They are also not able to achieve true job satisfaction and identify the difference training makes. And these frustrations are the reason we built Sticky Learning ®. As part of our standard offer, you will receive a Chain of Evidence for every training course that shows 5 levels of evaluation solution.

The 5 evaluation levels are based on Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels. And the additional level is called ‘Sponsor’. It aims to review the objectives that the training sponsor sets. And that is in comparison to what actually happened.

Therefore, the 5 levels (of the evaluation Solution) become:

  1. Reaction – What did the Learner think of the training?
  2. Learning – How much did the Learner learn?
  3. Behaviour – How much has the Learner’s behaviour changed?
  4. Results – How did the behaviour affect the results?
  5. Sponsor – How did the actual results compare to the sponsor objectives?

Chain of Evidence Training Event Evaluation


Download an example report of the Chain of Evidence. To instantly receive the benefits of having a Chain of Evidence across 5 levels of evaluation for each training course, please contact us.

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